Tuesday, March 31, 2009


as i quilted this quilt today for a dear friend (hi margi)
i couldn't help but think about a time that seems so long ago...

we (margi and i) bought this kit for the 'may day' quilt probably 8 years ago.
and as i quilted it i remembered the fabrics and the fabric lines and some good times at the quilt shop.

i worked there, at the time, and that's where i met margi and many other friends that i cherish.
mary and kelly owned the shop then. we had great times working, quilting, decorating and taking classes together.

mary has sinced past away and kelly lives in seattle with her dad and brother. i haven't talked to her in years.

and as i quilted over the pieces, i remembered the fabrics and some that were kelly's favorites like the green in the bottom left corner. my favorites were the red/pink in the top corners and the stripe that runs just below the block. i remember mary and kelly picking the fabrics out and all of us putting the kits together before class. we just had to have this kit and just like so many other kits that we had to have, they are still sitting on a shelf in my sewing room.

i'll have to take them out, one by one, and start working on them. i enjoyed the feelings that it brought back and i was surprised by my emotions as i watched the needle pass through each one.

thanks margi, it was a pleasure!



Beth said...

Hi Julie,
I just sat down to catch up on your blog before dinner and quilt class, it warms my heart to think of Mary and Kelly and the old days at the shop. It seems so long ago and yet just yesterday. I was not able to see the picture of the quilt well actually neither of the pics came up is it me or the blog? Just thought I would let you know in case it isn't me.

Thanks for the lovely thoughts of yesteryears at the shop and as usual I love all that you write about!! You are a blessing to me

xo Beth

kouklaville said...

That is so sweet and tender..I love that the quilt was able to trigger so many memories from years ago! What a wonderful conformation that sewing today makes memories forever

Marie said...

Reading this brought back a lot of memories for me too . . . of quilting classes taken, of old friends, of my nan's quilt that lay upon my sister's bed. Thanks!

Familia Alba said...

Hi Julie!
I'm Marta, from Spain, I love your quilting flair, and surely would love to have a friend like you! :) Lucky Margi :)

Thimbleanna said...

Eeek, I love that quilt! The fabrics are just perfect. Would love to see the full size after it's quilted!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Good therapy, quilting and thinking.

Sherri said...

What a beautiful quilt...and what a beautiful post in tribute to friends and to the serenity that sewing and quilting bring to us!

Katherine said...

That was so sweet. Thanks for sharing it. That's one of the greatest things that I love about quilts.