Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Eve!!!

i have a wonderful friend who makes incredible food and tonight she brought what bub called "a $100 french meal" yep, it was THAT GOOD!!!

i think we're all ready!
grandma is here to help hold down the fort...{thanks mom}

the bags are packed and the quilt is wrapped up and ready to go!
{you know...the important stuff}

take care and thanks again for all your well wishes and sweet comments!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 Days & Counting...

i got dr. brody's quilt done!!!
what a relief, i was worried that i'd go into labor and not have the binding done.
it turned out much bigger than i originally thought, but it was an easy pattern and i'd make it again.

bob and i went out on a date, we figured we'd better go tonight because it will be a while before we get the chance to eat out alone. the laundry is just about done, i just need to wash everyone's bedding and do a towel load. i still haven't packed my bag, i don't know what i want to bring, that's always a dilema for me...

the little princess is so excited she can hardly stand it! i'm still not sure how the happiest boy will react. at least now he's not saying "NO" when we mention the baby's name, now he says "whoo, hoo". bub on the other hand is being a pill! he's not looking forward to more noise in the house. the funny thing is, he doesn't realize that he's the one that causes most of the commotion.

i'm going to say goodnight, i feel a cold coming on and i really don't want to get sick!
have a good one!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 Days & Counting

i had good news today!
i'm dilated and things are progressing!!!
i knew those contractions at {2 am} this morning had to be doing more than bring a tear to my eye!

i haven't gone to the back yard in a very long time and today i noticed these so i thought i'd share them with you...
it's one thing that hasn't been destroyed by that darn dog that bob brought home how many months ago...any one want a really nice dog that needs a ton of attention???

changing the subject, before i get {irritated}...

dr brody's quilt has been quilted, the binding has been sewn on and now i am stitching it down...

lots of progress today! yeah!

take care and thanks for all your nice, nice comments!


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Monday, February 22, 2010

4 Days & Counting

with 4 days left, life definitely doesn't slow down.
last friday, the little princess told me that she wanted to have a
"daddy appreciation party" for our family night this week.
she said that daddy always makes her happy, he works hard for our family and he's like God because he always is there for us and because he loves us. who could say no to that??? not me...

so that's what we did...

she had to have streamers...

and a gift...

and his favorite dinner and dessert. thankfully, he's pretty easy to please and his favorites didn't require a lot of preparation.
we made sure that the house was clean and his favorite music was playing.
i'm pretty sure he was surprised and i know he felt appreciated.

so, happy appreciation day, honey. we love you!!!

after the "party" i loaded dr brody's quilt and got everything ready to quilt it tomorrow.

i go see her in the morning for my weekly check up.
(karen...i've got my fingers crossed that i've dilated at least some)

take care & goodnight...

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 Days & Counting

i am almost done with dr brody's quilt.
tomorrow i'll put the borders on and quilt it...
hopefully the baby will stick with the plan so i can get the binding on.

speaking of the baby...not much is happening. her movements are slowing down a lot and i still have contractions, but nothing that suggests labors a comin'. which is fine, because like i said i need to get the binding on the quilt along with a few more things that are on my list. have i mentioned that i am scared to death this time...

i'm not sure why, it's not like it's my's my fifth for cryin' out loud.
i'm trying to talk myself into having an epidural, but that in itself scares me. i don't know waht my problem is, bob thinks i'm crazy. i think i'm just getting too old to handle the pain like i used to. i guess we'll see. there's no turning back now...

well enough rambling, hope you all had a great weekend.
big hugs and lots of love to sissy who's not having a great day. i wish i was there to give you a huge hug and tell you that all will be ok.
{love you puter!}


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Saturday, February 20, 2010

All Done...Kinda

our bunny hill group met for the last time today.
we celebrated with a FABULOUS potluck and some yummy chocolate bunnies...

not really. they are fake.
i tried to find pink bunny dishes but couldn't, so i settled for these little guys in honor of anne at bunny hill.

patty and peggy were the only ones who finished their blocks. peggy actually made two different sets. i don't know why i didn't get a picture of hers, but here's patty's. they are georgeous and her applique is wonderful!

i've so enjoyed this group and will miss meeting with them every month. i love you guys. thanks for your friendship! and a HUGE thanks to anne for her wonderful generosity and beautiful block of the month!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Countdown: Day 7

kathie asked if i'd show the schoolhouse quilt that hangs behind the cradle.
here it is...

today was uneventful and unproductive...
i can't believe i have one week left...
i spent most of my morning trying to find something specific for the bunny hill group. i didn't find what i was looking for, but i did run into a friend and blog reader...
hi annie!
it never fails...when you know exactly what you want, you can never find it. i ended up with something else, but i'm not thrilled by it.

between naps, school pick ups and tonight's quilt class i worked on finishing up the mini blocks. this is cheri's version of the diary quilt. mine won't have as many blocks or the borders. i'm going to frame mine. oh, and cheri added new quilts on her site. you can see them here.

i'm tired and my house is again a disaster and i wish that i had a robot that followed behind the children and picked up after them. i wish that pregnant women got a discount on toilet paper. and i wish that laundry did itself.

in my dreams...

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Countdown: Day 8

i can't believe how quickly the days are passing!
this morning i was determined to do some desperately needed yard work in the front of the house. the poor tree hadn't been trimmed in months and months!
i also couldn't wait any longer for the boys to help me rearrange the front porch, so i went ahead and did it myself (any thing to induce labor!)
i've decided to decorate the front porch all in pink, so tomorrow i'm off to michaels for some ribbon and stuff...
on the quilting front...
i've procrastinated WAY too long and just now got going on the diary quilt blocks that i've promised the bunny hill group. i was surprised at how long it took to make these tiny 2" blocks!

we meet for the last time on saturday, so tomorrow will be spent making more little bitty blocks.

i wanted to say thank you to whom ever said a prayer for me to get a good nights rest. for the first time in who knows how long, i slept for {4} hours straight last night. whoo hoo!

i hope you guys are having a great week!

take care,

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Countdown: Day 9

as i mentioned in my previous post the only thing that is happening on the pregnancy front
is those darn braxton hicks contractions that haven't proved to be anything but a {pain}...

it was fairly productive today.
i made all the blocks in dr brody's quilt. now all i need to do is the sashing and cornerstones.

i did more laundry than i would even like to mention...
my mom and the little princess helped out by folding the baby clothes.
and not that it's blog worthy, but again, with mom's help, i finally got the slipcover back on the couch.

and one of my favorite things i did today was tidy up the space under the cradle, and made sure her bed was ready.
the little princess got the boppy ready and she now has a comfy space awaiting her.

and speaking of comfy spaces...goodnight and sleep well for me, will you!

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Dear {Braxton}

your {hicks} are getting on my nerves!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Countdown: Day 10

i thought it would be fun to do a countdown until the 26th
(the day i'll be induced...unless, of course, she decides to come earlier)
so with that said...
the countdown begins!

so what do you do when you have a list of things to do before the baby arrives???
why, make a {quilt} of course!

i decided (since this is my LAST child) that i would make a quilt for my doctor.

her favorite color is green and she loves hawaii, so i decided to make this quilt...
slice of pineapple. i love the pineapple log cabin, but don't have the time, so this one will do.

i also went to the doctor's today and had my weekly progress, but i did finally get to the store to buy some of this.

so i could wash all of this...finally!

not much else got done that's on my list, but i did get to wienerschnitzel to buy the fabulous {30} cent pretzel buns for bob! thanks karen for the tip, he loved them!!!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

What You Don't See!!!

what you do see...
bub jumping his new bike and having a GREAT time!

what you DON'T see...
bub crashing his new bike, bruised, sore and CRABBY!!!

what you do see...
happy boy riding the dirt bike all by himself and having a GREAT time!

what you DON'T see...
the bike speeding towards camp and aunt suz saving my happy boy from crashing by grabbing him by the arm as he speeds past her.
thank GOD for auntie!!!

what you do see...
a camp...

what you DON'T see...
all the people within that camp having a GREAT time.

hope your valentine's weekend was full of great times spent with people that make you smile!

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Best EVER Tortilla Soup

a week or so ago, i was pleasantly surprised when a good friend stopped by with {6} pre-made meals from a group of dinner divas! i was grateful for their generosity! there is nothing better than having meals ready to go, especially when the last thing you want to do is cook! well there is something better...
when you find that the meal is DELICIOUS!!!

that's what we found when we cooked up a wonderful tortilla soup made by lisa! i thought i'd share her recipe with you.

Tortilla Soup Recipe
1/2 onion
1/2 tsp garlic minced
4 tsp cilantro chopped
1 tsp butter
30 oz chicken stock
1 sm can tomato sauce
1/2 pkg taco seasoning
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 can corn
1 Tbls worcestershire sauce
4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
salt & pepper to taste
2 handfuls tortilla chips
1/2 can diced chilies
put all ingredients in crock pot and cook on low for 8 to 10 hours.
shred chicken with a fork before serving and garnish with additional chips, sour cream and cheese.

{and just as a side kids devoured it!}