Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Your turn...

to start learning.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hot Wheels Fever...

well yes, nolan has hot wheels fever, but he also had a fever.
he really wanted a hot wheels party. he picked out all his favorite cars and a few fun stuff from the store.
so even with a fever and a stuffy nose, we had a small little hot wheels party

for the #1 dude!

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Paper Chicks!

aren't these stinkin' cute!
i found them at ralphs (kroger in some places)

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i volunteered (stupid mistake!) to decorate a "christmas table" for a church function last week. i will refrain from telling the story, but i was asked to share the pics of the table.
so here ya go...
(the centerpieces were being provided, so i just threw the jingle bell up there)

don't be afraid to use greenery and fabric in everything!
and candy jars are good for more than sweets.
i love, love, love these candy canes and the battery operated tea lights! putting the votive holder on top of the cupcake holder gave it that little bit of height that i needed.
and my little nativity scene was the perfect size to put on top of my candle holder.

christmas isn't complete without a little gift giving. the sugar jars that i found at the dollar tree were a great container for the gingerbread cookies. YUM!
and again, a cake stand (found at home goods) was the perfect size for this little setting.
i guess the point to this "CHRISTMAS" post is to look for different items around your house that can be used in different ways. i'm looking forward to using these ideas in my easter decorating.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

A St Patty's Party

let me begin this post with a note of thanks to all the talented bloggers who share there talents and ideas. i found some great ideas for nolan's st patricks day/birthday party.
i thought i'd share some with you.

i found the rainbow cupcake idea over at running with glitter. they were super cute. i have two suggestions, make sure you use white liners so that you can see the rainbow and when layering, be sure that you use only a teaspoon of each color and be sure to add each layer to the edge of the muffin cup rather than the center. this way each color shows up really well on the outside of the cupcake.
the cute tags were found thru how does she. they have great links, as well as, some great deals.
oops, i ran out of time to make my cookies, so i went with store bought. not as good, but cute. the cake stand is from home goods. i love the interchangeable ribbons.
these labels are from the same place that i found the tags. it came as a grouping, along with the flags below.

the leprechaun pie was a hit. i got the idea from this blog
when masyn got home from school she was all excited about the mishaps that took place at school due to a naughty leprechaun. i ran with it and told her that the same thing happened at home. i had bought a couple bags of chocolate coins and when i went to get them the coins were all gone but the bags were left. later in the evening as everyone was devouring the leprechaun pie, she was the first to discover that the chocolate coins had been put in the pudding cups!!! that CRAZY leprechaun! he even left a poem...crazy!
the banner below was an idea of the tomkat studio that was featured on hgtv along with the cute shirt that i made for masyn in the previous post.
and those crafting chicks had the free downloads for this super cute leprechaun treasure hunt.
and these are not evyn's footprints, the crafting chicks give you a fun way to make your own tiny footprints. i used tempura paint on the tile and it washed up super easy.
i hope you bookmark some of these and have yourself a great st paticks day next year. and if you live nearby, your invited to next years party!

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Happy Birthday NOLAN!!!'re THREE!!!
omGOSH! you are AWESOME!

you can melt my heart on any given day at any given time.
you're HYSTERICAL and LOVE to laugh and make others laugh
you have quite an enthusiasm for life
everything is "beautibul" beautiful!
you end most of our names with "DaBid Riddddle"
(recently you said. "you cranky, momma dabid riddddle!")
everyone is your bavorite
your favorite thing to say right now (other then ...dabid riddle) is Holla at your sis, sis, sistaaa! of course your hands are up, gangsta style(thanks chels!)
your favorite thing to eat is pasta, noodles and macaroni & cheese :)
you love the little bit of soda you get
cars, trucks, dirtbikes and fire trucks are your favorite
you are very athletic
you can already ride your bike without training wheels
you love your new house and show everyone who comes over your room and your closet
you love to play with tyler at nanas

and when i say love, i mean i. you either love it or you don't like it. you get excited over the small things and i LOVE that!

your a big guy with a bigger heart and a huge love of life. you are so fun to be around and you make people feel important.

your favorite color is orange and then green
you love playing with grandma
and you love poppy's harleys

you love babies (sometimes too much)

you drive bubba crazy with all your talking
you dont have make believe freinds, you have a make believe green truck that you leave at dabid's because he's workin on the engine
your excited to start preschool in september
you insist on going everywhere with me

your INCREDIBLE and we ALL love you nto pieces!


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Happy, Happy!!!

hope you all had a great st patricks day!
we did.
nolan turned THREE!!!

daddy was out of town so we had a st patty's day party
complete with friends, family and silly string!!!

stay tuned!!!

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