Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i volunteered (stupid mistake!) to decorate a "christmas table" for a church function last week. i will refrain from telling the story, but i was asked to share the pics of the table.
so here ya go...
(the centerpieces were being provided, so i just threw the jingle bell up there)

don't be afraid to use greenery and fabric in everything!
and candy jars are good for more than sweets.
i love, love, love these candy canes and the battery operated tea lights! putting the votive holder on top of the cupcake holder gave it that little bit of height that i needed.
and my little nativity scene was the perfect size to put on top of my candle holder.

christmas isn't complete without a little gift giving. the sugar jars that i found at the dollar tree were a great container for the gingerbread cookies. YUM!
and again, a cake stand (found at home goods) was the perfect size for this little setting.
i guess the point to this "CHRISTMAS" post is to look for different items around your house that can be used in different ways. i'm looking forward to using these ideas in my easter decorating.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great - gave me some ideas for a future event.
Thanks for sharing.

janae tanner said...

so darling!!! I wish I was in your ward:) what do you call the pattern of your red/white quilt--I have been wanting to do a 2 color quilt.....thanks!