Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Patchwork Flower & A Really Sweet Teapot

is sew stinkin' cute!!! click here for the flower tutorial and here for the teapot. let me know how yours turns out!

My 5 Favorite Things This Week

1. this quilt, coming soon to a pattern near you.
2. kindergarten (back to school)
3. thank you notes
4. reconnecting with Junie B. Jones
5. baby's firsts

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Can Sit & Crawl

can you believe it! 5 months old and the baby is sitting and crawling! the happy little boy, couldn't be cuter.

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what did you do to my baby boy? better not let your dad see or else you'll be in hot water! guess i can't leave him with her again!
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Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School...

couldn't have gone better. the alarm went off at 6:30 and about 7:05 i reluctantly rolled out of bed. bub had already showered and was watching tv. (btw, he was watching max & ruby)the little princess woke shortly after i did, and shortly after that queenie rose from her beauty sleep. i made cinnamon rolls and a really cute take on the egg and toast idea. the little princess was happy to see a heart shaped egg in the middle of her toast. at 8:15 we got in the car and took bub to school (7th grade!). we came home and put the hannah montana backpack together. sissy left for her second year in college (2 down, 1 left). the all important lunch came next. the little princess really wants to stay and have lunch at school so we put a lunch together. at her request, we packed grapes, watermelon, goldfish and apple juice. why no sandwich you ask, because i was told "that's for a different day". i took out my trusted cookie cutters and made heart and flower shaped watermelon and boy was that a hit. i was told that i was a sweet mommy and that i'm a good cooker. what a compliment!!! i love that the simple things make her happiest. 9:10 came quick and we headed out the door. dressed in her pick and the backpack securely placed we got in the car. she reminded me that we hadn't had our prayer so we took a moment for the Lord. when i was finished with the prayer i turned to look at her and she was wiping her eyes. she said, "that made me cry". i smiled and said "me too". we shared a moment that i won't forget and soon i was walking with her into kindergarten. blessed with the knowledge that a heavenly father loves her and the strength she was given at birth, i know that she'll be great, monkey bars and all.

the little princess

mrs. fuqua, "the prettiest teacher"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Little Princess...

starts kindergarten on monday, wow...the time has gone by so quickly. friday we went to what they call a "get-to-know-you tea". the little princess got to meet her teacher and give her the cute pillow we made. she was funny. before we left she was insistent that i let her be alone. she wanted me to bring the baby so that i could sit with him and not be alone but as soon as we walked into the school yard she grabbed my hand and said "you'll stay with me right?"...cute.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008


is coming! yes, it's true...i'm thinking of christmas. the little princess draws the most amazing pictures so i thought it would be fun to stitch them and make christmas presents. she thought it would be great to make a gift for her soon-to-be kindergarten teacher (she starts monday). if i do say so myself, i turned out super cute! i can't wait to make more! the second picture shows the projects i will be teaching at fat quarters for the christmas midnight madness. the christmas midnight madness class came about because i knew that the only way i would take time to get christmas projects done would be to teach a class. the first class starts sept. 13th and will run every month through christmas. should be fun!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Do you remember when

your mom would take you school shopping? i do...we'd usually go to the mall. i liked going to the sale rack because i knew i could get more (the brand names didn't mean so much to me). back then we had to put our clothes on lay-away and when we finally got them, i'd have to wait til school started to wear anything. what a bummer. the little princess starts kindergarten next week. i can't believe it! i'm glad i have another daughter to start the "back to school shopping" with. bub never really cared to much about it. i did buy most of her clothes online but i decided to take her to tilly's to get a dress for the "get-to-know-you tea" and what ever she wanted for the first day of school. here's what she picked.

and of course we found a couple other items that we couldn't pass up. this one was too perfect.

after shopping we got a slurpee. i even let her have the red one, which is a treat because any red drink makes her crazy. i would've like to have taken her to lunch but she wasn't hungry and the baby was. when we got home, she put on a fashion show and was a very happy little girl.

happy shopping!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Baby

is already 5 months old!
he's up on his hands a knees rockin' back and forth just trying to figure out how to move his huge thighs! a month ago he weighed 18 pounds, but who's keeping track?

he is such a sweet baby!

op op pop!

honestly, he's the happiest baby ever. we are all so blessed!

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My 5 Favorite Things This Week

1. a new oven (thanks jeni)
2. a great friend (love you kern)
3. date night with new friends
4. a new day
5. halloween fabric

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Madhatters

have invaded my home!!! the kids all went crazy when aunt kern brought her samples in to show the kids and things got alittle CRAZY! gangsters, creepers, emo...i don't get it! when did i become old and how come aunt kern is way cooler than me? (two retorical questions!)

the little princess even got into the action and struck a pose or two...or ten!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Almost Forgot...

to post this picture of my handsome husband, bob the builder.

good thing he doesn't read this :)

It was a good day...

we all got together at nana and pa's yesterday to have a reunion of sorts with nana's friend anne and her family. we haven't seen each other in many, many years! I think at least 12. to sum up the day it went like this. church, chinese chicken salad, baby napping, family, a not-so-good war of water balloons, beautiful lab puppies (anne is training a guide dog), uncle mike (need i say more?), swimming, girls gone crazy (see previous post), great food and dessert, a nice walk with a great friend, high school musical karaoke and a pooped out family. good times, good memories, good to be with family.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

this is what you get when you have 4 girls with a desire to swim, no bathing suits, a lot of volleyball uniforms, and loads of energy.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Sorry Queenie,

sissy, putterbug, darling daughter. i just got busted for posting bub's pictures and not hers. so without any further adoo (how do you spell that?) here's a little bit about sissy.

a high school teacher wrote in her yearbook, "your pretty enough to marry any man you want, but smart enough not to have to." i love that, it's perfect and dead on. she's obviously gorgeous, but if you were to take the physical beauty from her what would you have? you'd have beauty. she's strong, funny, talented and every bit as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. she is outgoing and witty, and will make you laugh when you feel like screaming. she really could be anything she wanted to be if she put her mind to it. she loves to love and is easy to love right back. her smile makes everything right and her eyes say it all. she's the perfect blend of tomboy and girlie girl and can play a pretty darn good game of softball. her heart is always in the right place, her mind is keen and her spirit is brightly lit. She's a keeper.

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Bub, Bubba, Son

someone asked for pictures of my family and i quickly realized that i don't have pictures of bub. he hates to have his picture taken which is part of the problem. i feel bad, so i am vowing to take his picture whether he likes it or not. in the mean time here are a couple, bub approved photos, for your viewing pleasure.
bub doing his most favorite thing in the whole world. riding his dirtbike.

bub in lake powell with some friends.

bub & auntie kernie

and a little tidbit about my dear son. he is helpful, hardworking, caring, and thoughtful. at times he drives us crazy with his determination and persistence (both of which will serve him well as an adult) and he tends to be a tad intolerant. In a nutshell, he's a great kid, with a great spirit and if you need him, he'd be there.