Monday, August 04, 2008

Sorry Queenie,

sissy, putterbug, darling daughter. i just got busted for posting bub's pictures and not hers. so without any further adoo (how do you spell that?) here's a little bit about sissy.

a high school teacher wrote in her yearbook, "your pretty enough to marry any man you want, but smart enough not to have to." i love that, it's perfect and dead on. she's obviously gorgeous, but if you were to take the physical beauty from her what would you have? you'd have beauty. she's strong, funny, talented and every bit as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. she is outgoing and witty, and will make you laugh when you feel like screaming. she really could be anything she wanted to be if she put her mind to it. she loves to love and is easy to love right back. her smile makes everything right and her eyes say it all. she's the perfect blend of tomboy and girlie girl and can play a pretty darn good game of softball. her heart is always in the right place, her mind is keen and her spirit is brightly lit. She's a keeper.

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Mindi said...

Hey Hey Julie!

I love your blog and I am so excited to connect through blogging. You have a BEAUTIFUL family.

julie isa said...

Thanks, I would love to have your blog address. Good to hear from you! Take Care!

putter bug said...

thanks mom :] your sweeeeeet home slice :]