Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween Treat Boxes

i LOVE these!!!

go here for complete instructions!

Monday, September 26, 2011

No Tricks...Just Treats

Dryer Vent Pumpkin

what a great idea!!! so many creative people!

head on over to diamond in the stuff for the how-to's!

{see ya at home depot!}

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Midnight Madness

i'm having such a grea time teaching the midnight madness class!

this months class was on jan patek's pumpkin blossom quilt from the twixt garden gate book.

i made yummy trail mix for each table.

i use {one package of the following}

mini oreos, roasted peanuts, candy corn, m&m's, and goldfish

the log cabins are quilt labels

the jar below caused a lot of laughter {at me} you had to be there!

neta brought this stinkin cute pin cushion! she always has the cutest stuff!!! soo jealous!

and i loved her take on the "fall" quilt. she did hers in pinky oranges! LOVED it!

and patti. she always thinks outside the box and turns everything into gold!

mardy is speedy and i'm dieing to share her house with you! MARDY...hint, hint!

here's patti portraying "wilson". no not chelsie's dog. tim's neighbor! hehe...love the blue almost as much as i love her!

denise was new to our group and sew much fun!!! even if she did tease me A LOT!

we had a great time and i love spending time with these ladies!!!

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins

all prepped and ready for my class...

i should've used a small mason jar, oh well...

i found the muffin recipe here...

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Renee Plains!!!

is coming to the quilt shop next week!!!

it's not everyday that you get to take a class from a "famous" quilt designer!
she's teaching the project above and the wallhanging below.
hmmm, which one to take...

i chose the wallhanging above.
and have you seen her new book.
it is stinkin cute!!!

if you want to come learn from a PROfessional,
call the shop before there isn't room.

I'm SO excited!!!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Toil & Trouble

i got this idea from roosters creek in temecula
and thought it was super cute.

the original one was simply written on a childs chalkboard.

another simple idea

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simple Things

a friend stopped by and loved the cheese graters, so i thought i'd share this simple idea.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Little Ben's Class {Part Two}

today was the second part of our little ben's class.
for the life of me i couldn't think of a {favor} to give the class and of course,
like everything else, i came up with at the last minute.

i decided to make up little log cabin block labels for each class member

i never take the time to make a label, do you?

the labels turned out, but the {treat} was another story...
the plan was to make a bundt cake. the bundt cake didn't make it and i had to do something i don't like to do.
buy a store bought cake.

it looks good in the picture but by the time i got it to the shop, it started to fall. {UGH!}
it was still super yummy and with some handmade touches, it wasn't so bad.

the class went well and i love the ladies that i got to hang out with.
life is good and quilting is fabulous!

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The Day the Power Went Out!

as many of you know, last week much of california lost it's power.

many were not happy about this.
it caused HUGE traffic problems
(this is the street turned parking lot in front of our house)

the paramedics and police were quite busy

but amongst all the chaos, we enjoyed the evening

we gathered all the candles and lanterns, tuned our battery operated radio into our local country station

gavin made top ramen on the bbq with my cast iron skillet,
while masyn put out candles, wore her apron and sang folk songs with nolan.

the kids took a bath by candle light and we had a wonderful evening.
so much so, that when they woke up the next morning and realized the electricity was on, they were sad.

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Friday, September 16, 2011


masyn has been trying to do a cartwheel. it hasn't been successful to say the least...

shawn, having one of his famous "shawn moments" decided to rig up some sort of pulley to help masyn.

it wasn't too comfortable and masyn wasn't very confident in his idea.

the picture says it all!

they ditched the pulley idea and went back to good ol' fashion practice.
with a couple of failed attempts and a sore noggin

they decided a helmet would be best!
{side note...i am CRACKING up at this point!}

let's just say, the helmet didn't help either!!!

at least this time she's laughing!

we need a professional!

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