Thursday, September 08, 2011

His First Day of Preschool!!!

nolan started preschool today!

yesterday i took him to buy a "first day of school" outfit.

he picked out his outfit, including new shoes (he loves shoes)

he got his backpack all ready

i gave him a new haircut {and by the looks of it, i need to do a little fixing!}

and he was so excited to go!!!

he thinks miss paula is really pretty (she is)

he found his basket

and made new friends! he can't wait to go back!

mommy's note: there were no tears. he was nervous about me leaving so i told him i'd wait outside in the car. it worked. no tears. a little fib is sometimes ok...
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Marie said...

Oh my, he is so grown up! I wasn't ready for this. I guess that he can't stay a baby forever, but it snuck up on me!

Valerie said...

Oh how sweet - my little ones just started school this past week too. My middle child is in Kindergarten...oh my, it goes so fast, my oldest now is in 4th grade. Sweet pictures and he's right, Miss Paual is very pretty! Lol*

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- how can this be? I remember when he was born! He's sure a little cutie!

karen said...

I'm with the others - wow he's growing up so fast and adorable :). Glad his first day was a great experience. He didn't cry but how about you :)


Jordan and Kerrisa said...

i cannot believe how big he is! he looked adorable on his first day. im glad he likes his backpack! It makes me happy! :) miss you guys!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, he looks like such a big boy. I love how excited he looks for school. The backpack is so cute. His classroom looks like a blast with that train table.