Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Red Calico...be still my heart

So I just couldn't help myself.
I had to share the red calico...

I found these images on Pinterest.

By tinkerbell240677.tumblr.com

By jamaicabyles.blogspot.com

By burleigh.co.uk

Have a great day!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Calico Dishes & Hello...

well hello!
remember me?
i've been getting harassed about not posting, 
so here i am.
hi roxanne! hi leticia! 
hi everyone else...love you!

i realize that i have been telling you to 
study your scriptures since OCTOBER! 
yikes. i hope you listened! hehe

i thought that while i try to catch up with the 
remainder of last year i'd share my
calico dish collection with you.  
my step-mom entrusted me with it. 
i LOVE it and her.
and she likes that it's loved and 
out for her to visit when she comes over.

ok. so. i made this quilt and taught it at fat quarters.
it was rightfully named calico dishes.
(see the red block...oh how i would lOOOVE red calico dishes...)

and here i used the calico tins 
at our food table. 

the blueberry cupcakes were yummy
and went along nicely with my theme.

hope to be back soon!