Monday, January 26, 2015

Calico Dishes & Hello...

well hello!
remember me?
i've been getting harassed about not posting, 
so here i am.
hi roxanne! hi leticia! 
hi everyone you!

i realize that i have been telling you to 
study your scriptures since OCTOBER! 
yikes. i hope you listened! hehe

i thought that while i try to catch up with the 
remainder of last year i'd share my
calico dish collection with you.  
my step-mom entrusted me with it. 
i LOVE it and her.
and she likes that it's loved and 
out for her to visit when she comes over.

ok. so. i made this quilt and taught it at fat quarters.
it was rightfully named calico dishes.
(see the red block...oh how i would lOOOVE red calico dishes...)

and here i used the calico tins 
at our food table. 

the blueberry cupcakes were yummy
and went along nicely with my theme.

hope to be back soon!


Gayle said...

I don't believe I've ever seen calico dishes, but I absolutely love them. How lucky you are to have them!

Karen said...

The blue & white display is so pretty.

Julie Isa said...

I will post the red ones! They are to die for!

Carol said...

Love your calico dishes quilts and the red one hanging on the door of the Hoosier has me drooling.❤️❤️