Thursday, July 30, 2009

Would you LIke

some watermelon?
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how stinkin' cute are these jello watermelons!!!
go here for the recipe and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tea Anyone???

what the heck?
oliver. get. out. of. there!!!

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One of Not So Many

beach trips that we will make this summer.
it's so sad too...
look at his happy face. oh my gosh, he LOVED it!!!

and i cringe at the site of this!!!

thank goodness for sissy! if it wasn't for her, i would have had to enter the OCEAN!
salt water, sand and shaven legs = no bueno!
what will i do without her???
the little princess keeps asking the same question,
for without her, the little princess doesn't get to go to the beach as often as she would like.

she has a great time making new friends and finding sand crabs.

maybe i can go through hypnosis and become a beach lover!

until then...
have a happy summer!
oh. and beware of the GIANT SQUID!!!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I LOVE 31 Flavors

it's a childhood favorite...
as a child i always got pralines n' cream and burgundy cherry. as a teen, i loved pink bubble gum and as an adult my favorite is p'nut butter n' chocolate with whip cream and a cherry on top. YUM!!!

  • lately, i've been craving my favorite and the kids are all benefiting.

bub was slightly disappointed when he realized his chocolate chip cookie dough was lacking the cookie dough. lucky for the baby, because he got what bub didn't want.

he LOVED it!

down to the last drop!!!

happy cravings!!!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Great Summer

i love these and can't wait to make my own!
go here if you'd like to make your own.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do you like


i do and i found a site that has some great quilting ones 'coming soon'.

this one is called the quilting bee.

i LOVE it!

hmmm...birthday gift?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three Favorite Things...

if you love fall and you like to quilt you've gotta have this book.
there are at least 5 things in it that i want to make right now.
i can't wait for fall!

this is a must for anyone who loves cupcakes like i do...
my dear friend patti gave this to me
(thanks patti!!!)
and i LOVE it!

this fabric line is a perfect blend of vintage and modern.
sissy loves it (that says a lot) and wants a quilt made for her bed when she moves
next month. i just ordered fat quarters and can't wait to get them!
great job paula prass!!!

hope your keeping cool!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009


with mom, is like learning simple arithmetic.
i spent the after trying to help her keep a straight line...

while i was teaches algebra...
completely eliminating the need for arithmetic!

while i was working at the quilt shop, i get a picture message...
it's a picture of the barbie dress daddy helped her make.
she even drew the pretty rose on the front.

they were both so pleased...
i was also informed that that was the second attempt at doll clothes.
the first was a top that ended up in the trash.
apparently, barbies' boobs were too big for her top!

i thought that was hysterical!

when i got home i had to pull it out of the trash to take a picture.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Birthday Dessert

was unexpected also.
when i asked the birthday girl what she wanted for her birthday dinner she asked for leanna's strawberry spinach salad.
i was surprised!
then when she said she wanted the strawberry trifle and the fruit pizza we had seen in the family fun magazine
i was even more surprised.
i ended up using sharyn's recipe for the fruit pizza
and it was a hit!

i even got to set the table with the fancy nancy plates and cups that didn't get used...

her biggest thrill was her present. she was sure that she knew what it was and couldn't wait to open it!

can you see her cute face in the background?
pure delight!!!

it was a great birthday! now we are off to sew!!!

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Chuck E Cheese

was NOT my theme choice for this years birthday!
as a matter of fact, i had a fancy nancy parfait paty all planned when my little princess
decided that she wanted to go to chuck e cheese.

for those of you who know me or have followed my blog for awhile,
you are probably laughing because you know how much it killed me to agree.
but agree, i did... (very relunctantly)

every child should have at least one birthday with the big rat, right?

she did and she LOVED it!!!
and even victoria said it was the best day EVER...
(sorry leanna!)
(l to r: tyler, victoria, tate, mlp, rat, jocelyn, bella)
here's a group shot.
do you see that big ol' medal around her neck?
that's why she wanted to have the party, so she could get the medal!
and even though this was the table and there wasn't anything handmade or homemade about it,
the girls had a GREAT time and i didn't have to do a thing!
i didn't even get to make cute cupcakes.
nope, she wanted the white chuck e. cheese cake...
when the party was over, she said to me,
"see mommy, i told you it would be great!"

your right punkin, it was great!
great to see you beaming!
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Happy Birthday Punkin!!!

your SIX!!!

(one years old-daddy painted your face around halloween time)
(two years old - a typical stay-at-home summer outfit.
this was the year of swimsuits and everything princess!)
(three years old - such a fashionista! if you can believe it, this was you ready to go shopping with me.
yes, i let you out of the house like this)

(four years old - you still love glitter and sparkle, but you are having a better time at putting your outfits together.)

(five years old - your fairy party was the perfect party for you. you loved to dress up in your sister's old dance costumes, put makeup on and dance!)

and at the age of six, you are still as girly and fashionable as EVER! you dress yourself 90% of the time and i love your individuality. you are a fantastic artist with a wonderful imagination! you love your baby brother and argue with bub constantly! you are strong minded and determined. you are sensitive and kind, loving and thoughtful. you love to bake, cook and make up your own recipes. you are content to sit in my sewing room with me and create. your favorite colors are aqua and pink. you learned to ride a quad and a motorcycle this year and can't wait to go camping! you aren't looking forward to sissy going off to college, but you are looking forward to having your own room and you are so excited that mommy is having a baby. you are a joy and a blessing! i pray that you will always be strong in spirit and true to the person the Lord intended you to be.

we love you and enjoy watching you grow, even though it's going by WAY to fast!!!
love mommy!
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