Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One of Not So Many

beach trips that we will make this summer.
it's so sad too...
look at his happy face. oh my gosh, he LOVED it!!!

and i cringe at the site of this!!!

thank goodness for sissy! if it wasn't for her, i would have had to enter the OCEAN!
salt water, sand and shaven legs = no bueno!
what will i do without her???
the little princess keeps asking the same question,
for without her, the little princess doesn't get to go to the beach as often as she would like.

she has a great time making new friends and finding sand crabs.

maybe i can go through hypnosis and become a beach lover!

until then...
have a happy summer!
oh. and beware of the GIANT SQUID!!!

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Katherine said...

Beautiful pictures---what a happy boy! I used to not be a beach lover---but now I LOVE it. I'm a clean beach person though. I just like to hang out there. I don't like to get all sandy. Yuck.

dotti white said...

Isn't it wonderful that Sissy will share this with him and the little Princess. She is a blessing!

Marie said...

Wonderful pictures Julie! What cute babies!

kellibelli said...

I am totally giggling with this. I remember when you braved it to come and go to the beach with were so brave and it meant to so much that you did considering you were cringing! And you taught me about baby powder and sand. Love you all!