Friday, September 20, 2013

Hawaiian Beauties

we celebrated pa's 70th birthday
with a luau

masyn and my niece performed the hula
i couldn't help but grab a few photos of them...


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The End of Summer

is here...


and i for one am THRILLED
to put away the sand
and bring on falling leaves!!!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Holidays Made Easy

i was asked to speak at church about designing on a dime
i had an idea to show the gals how you could decorate for the holidays
in a simple way.

i thought i would share with you what i did.
some of you may not want to decorate an entire house, some may not have the desire to spend a ton of money doing so and some may have the desire but no energy :)

i believe that the entrance to your house is important
it's like first impressions.

a table or a chair on your front porch or in your entry way is a great
place to display simple holiday statements.

let's begin...


(towel from sur la table on clearance)


fourth of july



and my personal fave...

i can't say enough about the use of greenery.
it makes a difference everywhere.

at christmas time, all you have to do is add a sprig of green and a ribbon and wha-la

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Sunday, September 08, 2013

I'm not going there.

our little posie mc poserson started preschool thursday.
much to her dismay.

and she refused to let me take her picture (on that day)
so i don't have any, except for one very sad looking one where she is clutching her dolly.

i dropped off a crying 3 year old and picked up a very happy camper.
an hour later when she informed me that she's not going back.
nope. not even for a popsicle.

ugh. stubborn, beautiful baby!

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

It's HOT!!!

and i've had it!
i've tried sewing these blocks but it's too hot
so i didn't get far...

and i think the heat has affected my head.
the other day (after picking masyn up from school)
we had to run out. AGAIN. and she stopped me.

yep, apparently i had been running around town like this.
nice! keepin' it classy people!

 and on another note...
we've lived in this house through TWO summers and i JUST realized
i had blinds in the kitchen.
yep. i forgot that they were tucked up under the valances.

seriously. it's the heat.
i'm miserable!!!
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