Saturday, September 07, 2013

It's HOT!!!

and i've had it!
i've tried sewing these blocks but it's too hot
so i didn't get far...

and i think the heat has affected my head.
the other day (after picking masyn up from school)
we had to run out. AGAIN. and she stopped me.

yep, apparently i had been running around town like this.
nice! keepin' it classy people!

 and on another note...
we've lived in this house through TWO summers and i JUST realized
i had blinds in the kitchen.
yep. i forgot that they were tucked up under the valances.

seriously. it's the heat.
i'm miserable!!!
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1 comment:

Anne said...

So sorry you're so hot down there. Come to Oregon. We were in the 70's today and crystal clear! Hey, about the flip least your pedicure looks good! ;)