Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not much Christmas

goin' on around here. we are in the process of moving {finally}... at first i was opposed to the idea of moving right before christmas, but when it became an option, the thought of having christmas in a new home with happy, happy kiddos, made my heart happy and i new we had to do it. poor shawn is soooo busy painting the bedrooms, but they look super good! i've been packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking... the carpet comes in tuesday and then we can move the furniture in. so as for christmas decorating, well...there isn't any YET! although, i did get this stinkin' cute gift from a dear friend that i LOVE.
and we had our quilt class christmas party friday night. we each made a smallish quilt for the person who's name we drew. i scored a fabulous gift that i will share with you as soon as i find the memory card to my camera :) and the gift i made was the christmas presents quilt {showed in the previous post}. it's one of cheri's designs, of course! i had fun making my person her gift. i LOVE my person!
the food was delicous as usual and i would love to share a spectacular corn dip recipe with you if the other person that i LOVE wouldn't mind letting me...

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

W.I.L.I.N.G. 2010

here is a sampling of my
W.I.L. {ING}
w. - working, i. - in, l. - line, {ing} -stitching, binding, appliqueing, cutting...projects

{funny} 4 of the 5 are cheri's. the flower shop quilt is by renee plains.
i can't show you a good picture of the last one cuz' it's a gift.

i also worked on and finished two tops. masyns' basket bed quilt and a {twelve} year old ufo by country threads called garden club. i'll show you them once they are actually quilted and done.

gotta get back to my packing....*ugh*

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Friday, December 03, 2010

"My toys!"

as i mentioned, we are moving. therefore, i am packing everything that isn't used on a regular basis and this includes toys!
yesterday, nolan asked for a couple cars that i had packed. here's how the conversation went...
nolan, "where my race cars?"
me, "i packed them."
nolan, "you kidding me? you get them for me."
me, "ok"
so...i searched for the box that had his toys in it and retreived his race cars. i then went back to doing what i was doing...
several minutes later, i hear him making a whole lot of noise. he was loading all the toys that i didn't pack into a bag.
me, "nolan, what are you doing?"
nolan, "taking my toys"
apparantly he didn't want me packing anymore of his toys. he carried the bag around with him for the rest of the afternoon.
he insisted on taking them when we went to get the kids from school
and they HAD to stay on his lap.
poor kid!
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Make it do or do without...

and in this case, i'm making do...
last year at this time, my living room looked like this

and this.

and this is how it looks now.
the walls are bare (with a couple exceptions), the couch and chairs are getting a makeover, and we are making do with our {camping} chairs...the decorations are (for the most part) all packed up and moved to our {new} house.
we are officially moving and my poor house is not boasting it's typical holiday cheer.

but i'm not complaining
we are all very excited about moving!

and about the camping chair re-do...
gavin said, "it's ghetto"
masyn said, "it's desert fashionista"
she thought i did a very {fashionable} job :)
and nolan...
he said, "it beautiful horrible"
{i'm going with beautiful!}

p.s. {i have been soooo busy quilting & packing that i haven't made it to the post office, but i PROMISE i will go monday!}

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