Friday, December 03, 2010

Make it do or do without...

and in this case, i'm making do...
last year at this time, my living room looked like this

and this.

and this is how it looks now.
the walls are bare (with a couple exceptions), the couch and chairs are getting a makeover, and we are making do with our {camping} chairs...the decorations are (for the most part) all packed up and moved to our {new} house.
we are officially moving and my poor house is not boasting it's typical holiday cheer.

but i'm not complaining
we are all very excited about moving!

and about the camping chair re-do...
gavin said, "it's ghetto"
masyn said, "it's desert fashionista"
she thought i did a very {fashionable} job :)
and nolan...
he said, "it beautiful horrible"
{i'm going with beautiful!}

p.s. {i have been soooo busy quilting & packing that i haven't made it to the post office, but i PROMISE i will go monday!}

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Maggey and Jim said...

Me too. that is really funny but I guess not to you?? Have a peaceful weekend.

Val said...

Oh Julie....I want your chairs!!! I have been looking at those chairs in the store for a while. Are they as comfy as they look??

Jordan and Kerrisa said...

awe im going to miss that house! you know it was my favorite and secretly i wish mine will look as cute as yours one day! But i am very very excited to see your new one and more excited we can see you every time we go to church with my mom! love you and miss you lots and lots!

Marie said...

Beautiful horrible works for me! Good luck with the move! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Love your quilt on the wall and on your sofa. Do you know the name of the pattern? Happy moving!