Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quilter's Day Book

A Quilter's Daybook for April 30th, 2009

for today, April 30th, 2009 ...

Outside My Sewing Room Window...the kids are playing. the little princess is re-enacting the story, 'billy goat gruff'. the baby is trying to take her puppets.

I am thinking blog-a-versary. it's coming up and i'm trying to decide on a give-away gift. i'm also thinking about the many, many projects that i want to get done. i need to organize a quilt retreat so i can quilt all day and all night.

I am working on...a large version of the flower box quilt for my niece's birthday. i cut 504 little squares and 168 larger squares and got 1 square sewn to all the larger squares. only a ton left!!!

One of my Favorite this doll that i found at a thrift store. it is all handmade and has remnants of a tag. i wish i knew more about it.

On the Longarm is...rosemarie's granddaughters quilt.

A tip from the sewing room... when sewing squares onto corners (as in a snowball block) or making flying geese i have a tip. instead of sewing directly on the diagonal, sew a couple threads width away from the line, on the outside of the line.

I thought I'd share... this book called sweet summer by blackbird designs. it has GREAT projects like pincushions, needlepunch and the ever popular, flower garden pattern. it's simply wonderful!

hope you have a great day!!!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What'cha Doin' Wednesday

today was the joseph smith quilt class here at home.

this month's block is titled brightness & glory. it represents God, the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. i gave bright yellow candles to symbolize the light of Christ.

the class learned to make flying geese and 1/2 square triangles.

joy was the only one who left with a block completed! OH joy!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Camping with Dad

is dreamy...

bob promised the little princess a campout under the stars for family home evening...

oh. my. gosh. she is so stinkin' excited!!!

good night happy girl!

sweet dreams!!!

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A Queen

gone dirty...

sissy's car needed to have the 'cv joints' (i have no clue) replaced
so bob took the opportunity to teach her a thing or two about cars and getting dirty.
working together, they got the job done.

i can't tell you how happy it makes me feel to see them under a car, all covered in grease and working together.

even bub got into the action, helping sissy...
he didn't do such a good job putting a pony tail in her hair.
i told him that he'd better learn because one day
he might have a daughter and he'll need to know how.

it was a good night here at the isa's...
as i write this, sissy is still trying to get the grease off her hands!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Guests have all Arrived

to honor this beautiful mommy-to-be

i met her and her family about 5 years ago and we instantly had a special connection. bob and i would do anything for any of them, they mean the world to us. we don't get a chance to get together very often any more, so times like these are a treasure.

to the 'mommy to be',

you are a blessing and you mean the world to us! both bob & i love you as if you were one of our own and we always will. you are going to make a wonderful mother, Heavenly Father put you here to nourish and love those that come into your life and what a lucky baby payton is! we can't wait for her to arrive!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting everything ready

for the baby shower took me longer than i expected
but, then again, it always does.
i learn something every time i host a party. this time wasn't any different...

i learned that i should have bought the daffodils last night so that they were all open...

i learned the last time that making the cupcakes the night before was the way to go.

this time, i learned that i also need to make sure the frosting is colored and ready to go the night before as well...

and i learned that even though i had the pennants printed and cut out, i should've finished them so that they were ready to insert.

i did use my noggin this time...i originally planned on making fabric pennants to hang between the trees. i got a bright idea (which is unusual) to use the big blocks i was making for a quilt for the table toppers and use the remaining blocks to hang on the clothesline between the trees. killed two birds with one stone, so too speak...

and as usual i learned that bob always has great ideas. the little princess informed me that i couldn't put tables at the far end of the yard because our guests would see the side yard which is "yucky"...

da, da, dada, bob to the rescue!

he came up with the idea to put the drying rack up with quilts in the corner to block the "yuckies". fabulous idea!!!

and a couple notes to self - animal cookies melt in the sun

and no matter what it says on the box, cream puffs and eclairs take longer than 45 minutes to defrost...

now we are ready for guests!!!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What 'cha Doin Wednesday

boy do i have a treat for you today!
the little princess, the baby and i went to a friends house today...
not only is she super sweet, but she is the most creative home decorator i know!
seriously, country living needs to hire her!
she recently moved into this new home and i thought i'd take you along with me as i toured her beautiful home!!!
grab some lemonade (it's hot here) and follow me...
welcome in
the play room is to your left. the kiddos can play dress up, if they'd like...

isn't her living room to die for!!! i must tell you before i forget, she has done EVERYTHING herself. trim, painting, cabinets...everything.

with that said, let's continue.

her attention to detail is what impresses me the most.

and i just love her collections. most of them are just like this one.

lets go upstairs.

she has 3 of the cutest girls and they are truly lucky that she is so talented.

your just going to pee!

the first bedroom on the tour, is holly's. so stinkin' cute! she cut out the wall art and you can't tell by the picture but the curtain rod is a birch branch.

this is on the opposite wall.

the next room is grace's. she's the oldest and she likes to sew and stitch. a girl after my own heart!

and look how cute that green janome is! i don't think you can tell by the picture, but the trim is old wooden rulers and the curtain rod ends are wooden spools.

and see's a fairy house! shut up, i know...the little princess LOVED it!

last, but not least, is mary's room.
she's just like the little princess, she loves all things girly.
and those roses, yep, carrie made them. cut them out of wood, painted them and hung them.
oh, and she did the trim, too!
and we cannot go another minute without showing you the girls bathroom.
it's the cutest thing i've EVER seen. seriously!!!

again...the detail is amazing!
don't you LOVE the chalk board!

and speaking of detail, check out the 'ruffled' trim in the shower area.
it's meant to duplicate the ruffle on the shower curtain if you didn't notice!
the window is framed with an old wood window frame, i know...she's my hero!
she didn't think her room was worth a photo...i beg to differ!

and before you go, here's a peek at her back yard...

i hope you enjoyed the tour. we'll have to do it again at the holidays!


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