Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quilter's Day Book

A Quilter's Daybook for April 30th, 2009

for today, April 30th, 2009 ...

Outside My Sewing Room Window...the kids are playing. the little princess is re-enacting the story, 'billy goat gruff'. the baby is trying to take her puppets.

I am thinking blog-a-versary. it's coming up and i'm trying to decide on a give-away gift. i'm also thinking about the many, many projects that i want to get done. i need to organize a quilt retreat so i can quilt all day and all night.

I am working on...a large version of the flower box quilt for my niece's birthday. i cut 504 little squares and 168 larger squares and got 1 square sewn to all the larger squares. only a ton left!!!

One of my Favorite this doll that i found at a thrift store. it is all handmade and has remnants of a tag. i wish i knew more about it.

On the Longarm is...rosemarie's granddaughters quilt.

A tip from the sewing room... when sewing squares onto corners (as in a snowball block) or making flying geese i have a tip. instead of sewing directly on the diagonal, sew a couple threads width away from the line, on the outside of the line.

I thought I'd share... this book called sweet summer by blackbird designs. it has GREAT projects like pincushions, needlepunch and the ever popular, flower garden pattern. it's simply wonderful!

hope you have a great day!!!

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Marie said...

Love your quilter's day book as always Julie. Oh, how I adore that lovely doll!! What a treasure! She looks like she must have been a pretty little gift given from time worn hands to a little girl who must have really loved her. Thanks so much for sharing her with us!!

Kathie said...

that is a great book, Oh I love the quilt on the long arm, how are you going to quilt it?
would love to see the whole quilt when your done doing your magic on it!

Thimbleanna said...

Happy May Day Julie -- looks like you're busy, busy with some fun quilting projects. Have a good weekend!

Miller Racing Family said...

Another great quilter's day book post. Your kids sound super cute. I hope that you have a blessed weekend.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh, that doll is precious!

jenjen said...

Your new layout is very cute! And what a wonderful aunt you are - your niece is going to love that quilt!


Kelly O. said...

what a fabulous post!

dotti white said...

I love your day book and the sewing tips! Your beautiful work and ideas are always an inspiration!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What great pictures!