Friday, April 10, 2009

Tag, I'm it!

Kasey from All That is Good, tagged me...
i love these games...thanks Kasey!!!

8 things i am looking forward to...

1. sleep

2. the kids going back to school

3. getting my hair done

4. a weekend getaway

5. fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes!

6. warmer weather

7. weaning my baby

8. wearing normal bras!!!

8 things i did yesterday...

1. finished my easter quilt top

2. went to tjmaxx and was told by my 5 year old that we needed to leave because we weren't 'stylish' enough...

3. left tjmaxx just in time for the baby to diarreah all over my 'not so stylish' sweatsuit...

4. cleaned myself and baby up, got in car, and spilled a bottle of formula all over my 'not so stylish' sweat suit.

5. washed car seat not once but twice

6. took said baby to urgent care because he swallowed a watch size battery, spent 2 hours and $35 only to be told there was nothing they could do...

7. took a bath, much needed!!!

8. quilted a cute kite quilt

8 things i wish i could do...(only 8???)

1. sleep all night without being woke up

2. lose weight

3. sing...well

4. dance...well

5. get up early

6. run without dying! (I'll get there)

7. be more self disciplined

8. be more patient

8 shows i watch (hmmm...i don't know that there are 8...)

1. jon & kate plus 8

2. american idol

3. glenn beck

4. max & ruby ( i really do...i love it!)

5. little bear (another favorite)

6. fox news (does that count?)

7. hannity

8. becker

8 people i tag...

1. lynnette

2. mackenzie

3. kerrisa

4. leanna

5. anthea

6. katherine nelson (you have abandoned your blog, woman!)

7. mindi (how's your mom?)

8. tracy (maybe if sara can't get you to blog, i can!!! :)


Xazmin said...

Love your list! Sounds like you had a DAY yesterday! I hope everyone is doing well today!


jenjen said...

Hi Julie!

Great list! I'm sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. I love that you listed some of your kids' shows on your tv list! We watch a lot of Little Bear and Max and Ruby around here!

Have a wonderful Easter!


Rachel said...

I can't believe you got all that done yesterday. I would have given up after the messes!

Laurie said...

Love reading your blog! My computer went haywire and I lost my lists of blogs...very sad. Took me two days, but I found you! Yipee!!!

Happy Easter!

Katherine said...

Somehow I just can't get the things done that you do. Baby diarrhea---or baby swallowing a battery(!!)--would about do me in for the day. How is it that you made quilts--and did other things---all in the same day? :) Amazing. I haven't been blogging, quilting(SO behind), or much of any of that type of stuff lately. I need to be more like you. I will follow through with this tag---it just may take a few days.:) LOVE reading your blog!

Jeanette said...

I loved reading your list, but am sorry you had such a crazy day! Your daughter's comment at TJ Maxx cracked me up!