Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quilter's Daybook

A Quilter's Daybook for April 16th, 2009

for today, April 16th, 2009 ...

Outside My Sewing Room Window...the sun is out and there is a subtle breeze that is blowing through my window. outside it's warm, but inside, i still need a sweater.

I am thinking about...what to make to give as a 'gift' to my class on saturday. it needs to say 'april'...hmmm, i'm currently at a loss...any ideas???

I am thankful that i made two pot pies last night so that i don't have to cook today.

I am working on...this quilt. it's called flower market and it uses 4 identical charm packs (or a layer cake, cut up) i am using the sweet line by moda. i love this fabric. how many quilts can you have of the same fabric before it becomes too much???

i managed to get 3 of 12 blocks done...

(they are so cute, maybe i'll leave them here)

remember the pillowcases i showed you earlier in the month...i'm really disappointed

i got the fabric and ordered the crocheted trim and was looking forward to making the wonderful things

when i realized that if i wanted them to look like the picture i need 1 1/4 yards NOT 1 yard like the magazine tells you! AHHH! so irritated! i'll have to call and see if the quilt shop has more of this fabric. (fingers crossed...)

One of my Favorite this quilt. it is the first class i took from cheri saffiote (now payne). i love it. i ran into her today and she said i could bring the kids over to see her animals. i want to see her quilty stuff!

I am looking forward quilt class tomorrow night.

On the Longarm of my quilts. jill's probably smiling at the thought of it! i rarely get my quilts finished, let alone quilted!

A tip from the sewing has a great website (click here) if you go to 'fun stuff' it has a lot of free patterns and tutorials. it also has setting size charts and bedding measurements.

I thought I'd share...this book called ribbonrie. oh. my. heck. it's beautiful and FULL of great projects, both sewing and scrapping!

hope your day was wonderful!!!

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Marie said...

OH I do love your Quilters Day book. I used to quilt years ago when I didn't have to work and had lots of hours in the day to do things like this. I really miss it. I love your quilts and those pillow cases are fab!

Stina said...

Oh what a wonderful day...:o)
Thanks for a lovely post... and how lucky to meet Cheri in person... I just love her work... tell her that..:o)

Carol said...

What a wonderful post...I am in love with you Sweet/Swell that pattern available? Your Cheri quilt is awesome and your quilt on the longarm is out of this world. Simple and wonderful! Oh it makes me nuts when they don't tell us the right amount of fabic...hope you can find some more!

Anne said...

Your post has so inspird me! I really love your Sweet blocks! Keep it up - you've energized me for today!

aunt suz said...

I love those quilt blocks.

Thimbleanna said...

Daffodils say April! I love all your pretty pictures -- especially the clothesline one!

Sherri said...

I LOVE these fact I usually read the Quilter's Daybook posts at least twice!'ve won the Patisserie bag and mini honey bun of the fabrics in my giveaway! E-mail me with your address, and I'll try to get it out today!

Miller Racing Family said...

I always enjoy your day book. Even though I don't quilt, I can still learn a lot from you to pass onto my mom and aunt. I selfishly love looking at all of the quilts you make.
I always think how lucky the people you make the pot pies are. The pot pies are always so cute!
I hope that you have a good weekend.

heidi said...

I envy you and your creativity!