Monday, April 27, 2009

A Queen

gone dirty...

sissy's car needed to have the 'cv joints' (i have no clue) replaced
so bob took the opportunity to teach her a thing or two about cars and getting dirty.
working together, they got the job done.

i can't tell you how happy it makes me feel to see them under a car, all covered in grease and working together.

even bub got into the action, helping sissy...
he didn't do such a good job putting a pony tail in her hair.
i told him that he'd better learn because one day
he might have a daughter and he'll need to know how.

it was a good night here at the isa's...
as i write this, sissy is still trying to get the grease off her hands!

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Marie said...

Great pictures Julie! I sure wish that I'd learned how to take care of my car when I was a teen. I am afraid I don't even really know how to check the oil. I know, that's terrible!

Elizabeth said...

This is great - what a wonderful dad! My grandpa was a mechanic, and I soaked up every helpful hint he gave us about car care.