Saturday, November 28, 2009


is being grateful for the blessings in our lives...

thanksgiving is togetherness and a heartfelt prayer...

thanksgiving is family and laughter and everyone gathered together.

it was a great thanksgiving!

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A Rainy Day!

on the rainiest day in southern california, bob decided he wanted to make step stools with the kids. why he decided to do it during a once a year downpour was beyond me, but hey, the kids thought it was fun! so all bundled up in the warmest clothes i could find, they set up the tent, got out the power tools, and made new stools to replace the one bob had destroyed.
if you click on the picture, you'll see bub blowing off the driveway...
don't ask me, i haven't got a clue what he was doing. he loves that thing.
who says you need to stay inside on rainy days...

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FREE Christmas Cards!

tanya from miller family racing blogged about this today and i had to share it with you!
i just ordered 100 (yes 100!) photo christmas cards and i only payed for the shipping which was $7.40 total.

head on over to money saving mom and follow the directions to get your free christmas cards!but hurry, this offer ends november 30th!

merry christmas!

How Lucky Am I!!!

jeni surprised me today with this FABULOUS early birthday gift!!!
she knew i'd want to hang it up for thanksgiving...

i knew she was making it, i bought the same fabric to make one for myself.

i had NO idea that she intended to give it to me for my birthday.

what a wonderful gift. i can't tell you how much i love and appreciate it.

thanks jeni!!!

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The Bunny Hill Group

met this past saturday to work on last months block
(which i don't have completed, so i can't show you mine...)
here's anne sutton's original.
i also love making treats for the ladies.
this month i made two different pumkin bread recipes.

the one below was a package from the store that i changed a bit.

you can print the other recipe from here...
it was pretty well recieved.

and i must say thanks to thimbleanna for pointing me in the direction of these fabulous finds.

cupcake pedestals, can't get much better than that! you can get them here...

happy quilting!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Half Square Triangles

are beautiful, i think we can all agree...
and making them just got easier!

(this beauty was made by a customer of mine, andrea)

head on over to blackbird designs blog post, here and enjoy the wonderful tutorial that cherie gave on the angler 2.

(this picture has been taken from blackbird designs blog)

the funny thing is, i recently found this lovely tool (it must be the original) hiding among the disaster in a drawer in my sewing room. i was so happy to find that alma was featuring it on her blog! it will help me so much with the ever so popular june lake quilt and my joseph smith blocks.

speaking of which, if any of you taking that class are reading this, go get yourselves this tool, it will put a smile on your face.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Special Treat

my friday night quilt class got a special treat the other night...
they got to tour jeni's home.
she's recently redone her kitchen (i LOVE it!)

her talent isn't confined to her home...
her gardens are equally impressive.

thanks, jeni, for letting everyone invade your home.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

November's Desert Trip

was a good trip, although i decided a couple things...
1. camp sites are important and it's very hard to find the right campsite when it's dark.
therefore, from now on, we go during the light of day...

2. as important as it is to get to church, i will never leave on a sunday morning to make it home for church.

other than those two things and the wind, it was a great weekend.
i finished a quilt that i started the same trip two years ago.
i've got to quilt it, then i'll show you.

the kids had a great time and no one got hurt, that's the important thing.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Thanksgiving Quilts

came out of the bins...finally!
i thought i'd share some of my favorites.

have a great veteran's day!

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The Witch Got Nancy

i finally had a chance to get the halloween decorations packed away and as i was walking down the hall i spotted something under the witches broom...

eek! poor nancy!!!

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Girls of Room One

came to visit us for halloween.
it was the first time sissy has brought her friends home from college and it was a treat!

i LOVED having all the girls here and enjoyed each of them, bob enjoyed having people to make breakfast for, the younger kids couldn't get enough of their attention and bub...well, let's just say that for a teenage boy it was probably fun having 5 girls (very cute girls) in his home!

dear katie, aubrey, heidi and chelsea,
you are all GREAT girls and we loved having you,
please know that you are welcome any time.
we'll leave a light on...

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Getting Ready for Halloween

with the girls from room one here, halloween day was packed full. for 5 girls who came from a snowy utah, they were thrilled to soak up some sun at the beach. david, jake and bub all joined them...lucky boys!

after the beach, they carved pumpkins while i made the spider web cupcakes found in the country living magazine. btw...they were good, if you get a chance go here for the recipe. you may not want to make the webs, but the actual cupcake was delicious!

carving the pumpkins turned out to be quite the group effort...
the little princess wasn't to happy about digging her hands in pumpkin goo and the enthusiam of the happiest baby was enough to put a smile on everyone's face.

mom made it in time to witness all the craziness.
{i love the craziness}

time to trick n' treat (as the little princess would rather it be said.)

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