Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick N' Treat

{i love halloween}

i have fond memories of halloween. going door to door with a pillowcase full of candy. it's like the movies where all the kids are running from house to house and the older kids are tricking more than treating...

every year it seems that fewer and fewer people are trick or treating, but for my family, it will be a yearly tradition that i will continue to treasure...

every year, we (friends and family) meet for chili and cornbread, then gather the children and head on out to greet friends and neighbors for some trick or treating fun {and candy}

this year jeni, amber and judi joined us. i enjoyed that.

the happiest baby was in heaven.
laughing all the way he loved trick or treating more than any of my other kids

(i love this age!)

the little princess wanted to be a bit daring this year and went with a princess vampire costume. complete with blood! that's big for her!!! sissy dressed up as bub and bub was the designated wagon puller (for a short time).

the rest of the gang carted children, carried flashlights and bags of candy. all of us a bit tired by the end of the night.

and me...i was (as usual) thankful for kelsey, the kids love her!

happy halloween everyone!
can't wait for next year!

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Katherine said...

How fun to have all of your visitors to add to all of your Halloween plans. Sounds like a great time. Sad we have to wait a whole year now until Halloween.