Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Girls of Room One

came to visit us for halloween.
it was the first time sissy has brought her friends home from college and it was a treat!

i LOVED having all the girls here and enjoyed each of them, bob enjoyed having people to make breakfast for, the younger kids couldn't get enough of their attention and bub...well, let's just say that for a teenage boy it was probably fun having 5 girls (very cute girls) in his home!

dear katie, aubrey, heidi and chelsea,
you are all GREAT girls and we loved having you,
please know that you are welcome any time.
we'll leave a light on...

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Marie said...

What a great group of girls they look to be!! What fun for you!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How incredibly fun!!

Millie said...

A great group of friends and I can tell you had so much fun together.

Miller Racing Family said...

I bet it was a blast having all those girls at home. It looks like a fun group. I hope the little ones had a fun halloween. Thanks for the sweet comments about the baby news.
Have a great day!

chelsie said...

excuse me but the girls of room one are wondering why you havent updated your blog...we are thoroughly disappointed!!!!