Thursday, September 30, 2010

The "HOUSE" quilt

is found.

here's the book that it is in.

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Halloween Decorations

this is it. the extent of my halloween decorating this year...

back in may, when we were supposed to be moving in august, we moved ALL my holiday bins to the attic of the "new" house. now, as the holidays are quickly approaching, shawn is up to his eyeballs, drowning in work and i don't have the heart to ask him to go through the attic, find the bins, and bring them back here.

but masyn does...

here's today's conversation.

masyn, "mommy, why is everyone putting up their halloween stuff already?"
me, "well, actually macy, it's time to decorate. i'm not going to be decorating this year."
masyn, "WHY???"
me, "i don't have the heart to ask daddy to get my stuff out of nana's attic, when he's so busy."
masyn, "i do mommy, i have heart."
me, "laughing"
masyn, "daddy won't tell me no, he never tells me no."

cute. we'll see if i get my decorations...

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Thunder, Lightning & Paint...Oh my!

as the rain trickled down from the dark sky this morning, i broke the paints out for nolan so that he could paint. it started out fine, painting a fabulous painting on PAPER.
the next thing i knew, he was painting his hand and arm. no big deal...
i went to put evyn down and came back to this!
"nolan what are you doing?"
"painting my bace!"
face painting! perfect!

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We Wear Helmets When We Play with MeMaw...

just kiddin'!
nolan, just as bub did, loves to wear his helmet and it cracks me up!

he likes playing ball with memaw just as much, if not more!

using whatever they could find for the bat/club they had a great time.
we really need to get some real sports equipment!

what a good sport memaw is, playing whatever nolan wants in her heels and work clothes!
we LOVE memaw!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh My...

jen over at tatertots and jello is featuring a GREAT site that i just MUST share with those of you who may not follow jen's blog.
it's whipperberry and it's amazing! just take a look at a few of the amazing things going on over there!

cupcake skewers. holy cow, i'm thinking that may or may not be my new obsession!

so cute!!!
and you have to look at all the party ideas!

loved it all!
have a good one!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More answers...

i think sheryl opened a can of worms when she let us into here home.
well really, when she let me take pictures. :)

here's the picture of the entire room. from the living room you can look into it. the window to the left is at the front door.

and sheryl is looking for the pattern for this wallhanging for you guys. if you have to have this one, go on over to her website, and email her. she's happy to her from you!

have a good one! i for one, am hoping that we don't have 105 degree weather again today! i think mother nature forgot that we don't have that kind of weather here!

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Monday, September 27, 2010


thanks for the comments, sheryl has a beautiful home and a giving spirit and i'm thrilled that you enjoyed the peak into her home. i didn't realize that the laundry room picture wouldn't open up, so here it is and it should work.

the quilt below is a favorite of mine, and apparently, yours as well. the quilt is Miss Jumps "those are not weeds" and you can find the pattern here.

this quilt is a hit.
sheryl designed this herself. the back is a cheater cloth by judie rothermel and sheryl is looking for the drawing of the weathervane. if you are interested in it, hop on over to her store and she'll hook you up as soon as she finds it...

and last, but not least, one of my forever faves is this wallhanging from kindred spirits titled "these things do please me well" it is easily over ten years old so google it and hopefully you can find it.

and someone asked which of the quilts were mine. it was the America for Me quilt that i posted here.
hope you are enjoying fall, we just got summer. it's 112 degrees today! YUCK!!!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Part {six} - The Sewing Room

ohhhh, my favorite part.
the sewing room. i am in heaven!
i broke it down into 3 sections for you. just click on the pictures to enlarge it.

the piecing place...

the stuff space...

the work space.

sheryl admitted that the sewing room always looks like this.
i want to be her!!!
i hope you enjoyed the party and the tours, mom & i sure did!
thanks sheryl!!!

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Part {five} - The Quilts...

after dinner we gathered in sheryl's game room for some party prizes and to share our quilts {we each brought one to share}. there were soooo many beautiful quilts. it's great to be among a "like minded" group.
after all the sharing, we were treated with mini bundt cakes from nothin' bundt cakes in temecula.

coming soon...
the sewing room!!!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Part {four} - Dinner

a gracious, talented and happy hostess. that would be sheryl.
besides the beautiful atmosphere, the food was perfect! sheryl made everything so relaxing and enjoyable. i admired her calmness and ability to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

mom and i met many nice women. voola (not sure of the spelling) and the english gal, were an entertaining pair and we enjoyed the company. quilters are just a generally neat group.

the yardsticks were our party favors. they had numbers on the back that were for the raffle that took place after dinner and how is this for a great idea!

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Part {three} - The Outdoors...

take a walk outside with us, the dog is there to greet you
and the warm, breezy air is the perfect backdrop for this country landscape.

the pictures say it better than i can...

i'll be back with more.

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