Saturday, September 25, 2010

Temecula Quilt Co. Part {one} of many...

i'm so excited to share with you what mom and i got to do yesterday!
are you familiar with this shop? if not, you should be.

the owner, sheryl johnson, sent out an invitation to come dine with her and mom and i couldn't wait!!! sheryl graciously let me photo everything for {our} viewing pleasure! a slide show will be available shortly on her website, as well. you can check it out here (but give her some time, i need to get the cd to her)

so come along with mom and i as we gander through her home,

visit the outdoors,

enjoy a "thank you" quilt party,

and best of all, get a peek into her sewing room, that, oh by the way...
"always looks like this". it's fabulous!!!
we are gonna have fun!
(i'll be right back, i have to go get my diet coke!)

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John'aLee said...

You make me want to visit that shoppe!

Linda said...

Wow.. what wonderful pictures of a fabulous event! You are really speedy.. I was just showing my husband my photos of the TQC event and he pointed out that they were already posted in blogland. Thank you! They are sooo much better than mine, but the main thing is your sharing of Cheryl's generous spirit!