Sunday, September 12, 2010

King's Highway...

our dear friend jake is leaving next week for his mission.
and true to my nature, i decided at the last minute to make him a quilt.

i decided to make a super sized version of a quilt block from the Joesph Smith Tribute Quilt designed by the kennel club girls. the block is titled Kings Highway and the following is the history & symbolism taken from the original pattern.

"Joseph Smith, Prophet of God, traveled the road to Carthage in spite of the fact that he knew the events of those fateful days in June would lead to his death. He said, "I go like a lamb to the slaughter, void of offense toward God and toward all men."

In the short thirty eight years of his life, and despite the lack of formal education, the constant persecution, and the occasional imprisonment, Joseph accomplished all that he was sent here to do. Certainly the dirt trail from Nauvoo to Carthage became a King's Highway as he calmly finished his earthly mission and sealed his testimony with his blood.

The colors of the King's Highway block are symbolic. The red represents Joseph's blood shed at the hands of the mob and the black represents his death. The black is stark and bold and is a strong reminder of the loss to the world of what John Taylor called "the best blood of the nineteenth century."
-Nancy P. Nielson & JoyLyn R. Rigby

We are very excited for jake.
He will be serving the Lord in georgia. What an honor for he and his family.
congratulations, jacob!

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Michelle said...

Lovely quilt and thank you for sharing the meaning of it! I love it!

Jeanette said...

Great idea to make the one block into a big quilt. Perfect for a missionary!!