Monday, September 27, 2010


thanks for the comments, sheryl has a beautiful home and a giving spirit and i'm thrilled that you enjoyed the peak into her home. i didn't realize that the laundry room picture wouldn't open up, so here it is and it should work.

the quilt below is a favorite of mine, and apparently, yours as well. the quilt is Miss Jumps "those are not weeds" and you can find the pattern here.

this quilt is a hit.
sheryl designed this herself. the back is a cheater cloth by judie rothermel and sheryl is looking for the drawing of the weathervane. if you are interested in it, hop on over to her store and she'll hook you up as soon as she finds it...

and last, but not least, one of my forever faves is this wallhanging from kindred spirits titled "these things do please me well" it is easily over ten years old so google it and hopefully you can find it.

and someone asked which of the quilts were mine. it was the America for Me quilt that i posted here.
hope you are enjoying fall, we just got summer. it's 112 degrees today! YUCK!!!

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Jeanette said...

That's funny, I was wondering about those, too. :-) I found the pattern on Kindred Spirits website: (delete this if a link isn't ok in the comments). It's called Memory Tree. The shipping is kindof expensive, but at least they have it. :-)

Annelies said...

I am sweltering too...YUCK!!!! I just went to the TQC for the first time and it was delightful. Her shop was the inspiration for my buying two Expedit pieces at IKEA to house my fabric stash. I have spent the last week trying to tame my obsession....and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now if we would just get back to Fall, I might feel like sewing!!!! XXX

Jeanette said...

Also Julie, do you know which pattern is the house quilt above the desk? It looks like a Jan Patek maybe?

Anonymous said...

I was also wondering about that quilt to Jeanette.

Kathie said...

thanks! I placed an order there yesterday and asked about the house quilt next to the desk and the weathervane quilt
hopefully they read my note when they fill my order I didn't hear from them
thank you I have really enjoyed these posts and visiting her home thru your camera!!!!!
a beautiful home and well the sewing room is to die for
do you have a picture of the whole room?
I was trying to piece it together.... thanks

Kathie said...

the house quilt above the desk is a sue spargo quilt!
I love that too but really LOVE the house quilt NEXT to the desk!
Kathie who just loves house quilts!

Karen said...

Wonderful prim style quilts!