Sunday, September 05, 2010

Chelsie's 21st Birthday - The Details...

we celebrated chelsie's 21st birthday this weekend.
i can't believe she's going to be {twenty-one}!

nana & pa let us host the party at their home (our soon-to-be home) and i'm so thankful they did! the kids had a GREAT time and i'll share the fun times in another post.

i wanted to keep with her favorite colors. aqua, black and white. i used fabric scraps from last years birthday quilt to make the pennants. i thought it would be fun for her to keep them and use them in her bedroom.

i LOVE these cake stands that i borrowed from a friend. she got them a while ago at costco.
love them!

i made two versions of the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake.
if you haven't made them, you must! they are a HUGE hit!
i found the {happy birthday} printable here and the cupcake liners at michaels.

in keeping with the pennant idea, i made a mini version to top the pineapple bundt cake.
to make the pennants, i cut triangles from 1 1/2" squares of scrap papers, threaded string or bakers twine using a running stitch and tied each end to a bamboo skewer. super easy and oh so cute.

for the centerpiece i gathered tulle by threading a thin ribbon through it and tied it around the base of hurricane lamp. i would've like to have embellished it more but ran out of time.

i always enjoy the decorating part of parties, but this time i REALLY enjoyed the party. i'll share why a little later.

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Mackenzie said...

Alright so i am verrrryyyy upset with myself because i didn't eat a cupcake! i didn't know they were my favorite cookie dough ones! nice of people to cue me in on these things... :]