Saturday, January 31, 2009


at the quilt shop, a gal was working on a hexagon quilt and i loved it.
i found this picture and the tutorial on camille's blog.
isn't it beautiful!!!
by the way, you need to check out her quilt patterns
(camille's, that is) they are really cute!

Would you believe

that i've never made a ragtime quilt?
i have helped so many people pick out their fabric and i've even talked them through it, but i've never actually made one. i found this photo and it made me want to, it's great for the men in your life. here's a tutorial if your interested in making one. just a little bit of advice, though, wash it in a pillowcase. better yet, take it to a laundromat to wash and dry it.

January is over

and that brings an end to the month long snowman posts. (thank goodness) i must admit, towards the end, it got a bit difficult. i really wanted to take the kids to the snow and build our own chilly guy, but we never found the time. i loved the snowman party and i look forward to next years (i have lots of great ideas!) the snowman family night was the family favorite and i can't wait to make some of the projects that i found. i hope you were in some way inspired and i would love to see and hear some of your snowman ideas.

Friday, January 30, 2009


recently, as more people in my life have stumbled onto my blog, i have been asked how i find time to blog. sometimes that question is posed as a compliment, other times...not so much. today i decided to tackle the question and hopefully ease your minds (you know who you are).

almost a year ago, when i started this blog, my baby boy was a newborn and i decided that i could blog while i nursed. i got really good at typing with one hand. (which, by the way, is why i always type in lowercase). i wanted to start blogging for two reasons. the first was to document our lives. i used to scrapbook, then along came quilting...and well, i can't afford two expensive hobbies. also, with many failed attempts at journaling, this has become the resource in which i can share some of my thoughts and feelings and where, hopefully, future generations can get to know me. (i plan on making books from many of my entries for each of my children...another one of my many ideas.)

the second reason, was to inspire myself and others. i have so many ideas in my head just rambling about keeping me up all night (my sister has the same problem, right suz). for me it's a creative outlet that i can share with others and hopefully through our creativity we can touch someone's life. i believe that we are given talents and it's important to share them with others. i am always amazed and touched by the unbelievable talent out there and how freely it is shared.

so now that you know why i blog, let me share with you when i find the time.

i still blog while i nurse. sometimes it takes me all day to finish one post. (like this one). most of the time, though, i blog after everyone is in bed.

picture this in your mind.
bob the builder and i sitting up in bed...the news on...both of us with our laptops on our laps...he's working on church stuff or finding out how to rebuild something or simply searching the internet for the answers to the many questions that go through his head and I'm sitting next to him finding wonderful things to share with all of you or simply writing my thoughts or the events of the day. can you picture it? i wish i had a picture. (there is a picture of our bed on the tour, if that helps you visualize.)

so, for those of you who think that blogging keeps me from getting my house clean, the laundry done and the quilts finished, your wrong....facebook keeps me from those things. (just kiddin', that's a whole different post...)

Hope your day was a happy one!

I'm so glad you've stopped by.

How Fun!

years ago, i bought this angel ornament at a craft show and i've treasured it.
i've always wanted more but didn't think i'd find any.
well look what i found...
the pattern and it comes with the instructions to make the snowman and the santa!
yeah, i can't wait to get it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well, I'm a Bit Sad

i just found out that one of my favorite collections are all being retired. bummer. if you haven't seen the august moon figures you should check them out before you can't get them anymore. here's a link to a retailer that still has a pretty good selection.
i know this is a snowman post, but i have to say...i love the halloween figures!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What 'Cha Doin' Wednesday

i thought i'd start somethin' new now that the month long posts of snowmen are coming to an end (thank goodness). i often wonder what you guys are doing during the day. i know that we are busy women and somehow find time to do the things we love. i for one, appreciate each and everyone of the bloggers that inspire me and put a smile on my face. so in an effort to let you know what i'm doin' i'd thought i'd start what 'cha doin' wednesday.

so here's my day
(minus kids, school, laundry, etc.)

i finally got this quilt quilted and ready to deliver to norma jean. she made this for her new grandbaby, brighton rose. i loved the quilt for 3 reasons.

1. i LOVE aunt grace fabric.

2. it was fun to quilt and

3. i loved the pattern.

i worked a little on putting together these blocks for my ongoing class.

i finished turning under the applique pieces for bunny hills bom. somehow i got roped into teaching this as a bom at the quilt shop.

i'm still trying to empty this box of valentine's decorations.

when's valentines day???

i'm still working on my experiment. it's going well.

and, in an effort to keep it real,

i am working on picking up this mess in my sewing room.

the after math of christmas, the little princess and her creations and a destructive baby boy.

hope your day was wonderful!
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Easy Dresden Plate

i love the dresden plates of yesteryear, but i have no interest in hand piecing all those darn plates. here is a link to an easy way to make them.

i hope this inspires you to make that quilt you've admired for so long.

(p.s. if you hand piece, i bow down to you!)

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If You Need a Good Laugh

("Do you think he sees me?")
you have to check out this blog.
thanks fudgie for sending me to her. hystrerical!!!
also in honor of the chilly fella, check out this post. cute and funny!
have a great day!

I Heart a Yummy Cookie

and these sound (and look) good.
originally from a japanese cook book,
this recipe will surely be a hit.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Have Never

heard of fabric plates until i ran across this post.
oh, how beautiful!!!
unfortunately, this amazing photo comes from a marie claire idees magazine and it's all in french.
but, i did find a tutorial that will give you the same look here.

speaking of marie claire, have you ever seen the magazine?
oh my gosh, let me tell you, it's wonderful! expensive, but wonderful.
here's some pictures that came out of the same issue.

i know, it's fantastic!!!
i've heard that barnes & noble has the magazine if your interested in getting it.
i can't wait to make some plates and i would love to make the candlestick & teacup thing.
oh, if only i had more time...

A Christmas Eve Tradition

in our family is to give new christmas jammies to the kids every year.
the kids love it.
i know a lot of people share the same tradition.
i love after christmas sales, because i can usually find great deals on cute pajamas.
here's a great deal on some snowman pajamas for the whole family.

Monday, January 26, 2009

An Experiment is Taking Place

here at the isa home.
while taking my morning bath, i realized that i am craving peace and quiet. my once quiet baby has now found his voice and loves it. he is by far my loudest child. as i thought about this, i realized it's because our home is SO loud. with 6 people in our home (plus the constant stream of friends and family coming in and out...which i LOVE) our house is loud and chaotic. i don't normally mind this but when we can't even sit through church, i know i must take action. so...
i decided to do an experiment.
i posted a sign on my front door that reads...
experiment in progress.
please enter with a quiet voice.
the older kids thought i was losing it, the little princess thought the sign on the door was really cool and bob the builder thought i found the idea on one of the many blogs i read.
nope this one is my own.
i'm guessing that this experiment will have several results.
1. the baby might (hopefully) become quieter.
2. that the kids will speak kinder to one another.
3. the little princess might not feel like she has to fight to be heard
and, most importantly,
4. the kids will see how there actions and attitudes affect others and how they can make a difference (lessons are so important).
one more thing and i'll let you get on with your night or day...
as i was making dinner, bub and the little princess got into a little "play fight" and a scream could be heard from across the house. i calmly and quietly came into the bedroom and with a quiet but firm voice said, "you WILL be quiet." as i turned to leave the room,
bub said, " really are serious about this quiet stuff, aren't you."
anyways, that's my experiment, i'll let you know how it turns out.

I Love Garland

especially when it's ninety percent off! yes, you heard right. i got this beautiful garland, regularly $29.99, for $2.99!!! actually, i bought 7 of them. how could i not!!! when it took up the back of my van, i knew i needed to take a picture. i wish i had a picture of it in the cart. i barely made it through the isles. i was worried about how i would adequately spruce up a bigger house (keeping my fingers crossed) and michaels came through. now i'll have more than i'll know what to do with.

yeah michaels!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hi Thimbleanna!!!

in answer to your question, "what is a make-do".
a make-do is really any type of stuffed decoration that sits atop a stand;
usually a candlestick, a wood bobbin, or a glass jar.
The above photo is a perfect example.
thanks for your question, i'm sure others were asking the same thing.

Another Free BOM

that's block of the month to those of you who don't quilt.

Deb left a comment, which led my to Gutte's blog, which led me to this post and ultimately this FREE block of the month.
i'm bursting with excitement.

I Had to

order this pattern. i love it.
have you ever made a "make-do"? they are pretty easy to make.
if your interested in getting this pattern, go here.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two of My Favorite Things

all together.
the local quilt shop is having a trunk show featuring one of my favorite quilt designers,
the shop is all decked out with her wonderful primitive quilts. so inspiring! if your in town stop by and if your interested in having one of your books signed by her, she will be having a book signing next thursday. i believe she's there from 11-1pm. in the mean time, here are a few pictures to spark your creativity.

so can i tell you that i have almost every one of cheri's patterns and every one of her books, it's a problem. the quilt above, crimson and clover is hanging (unfinished) on a ladder in my living room (you might have seen it on the home tour from christmas).

want to know something else...the 2 applique quilts in the picture above are started...not finished. i've completed the one on the far right, my country week, but i haven't quilted it and i am working on seasons. the santa quilt that's tucked in the left corner is proudly featured at christmas time. yes it's done. although, i wanted to get it done so i didn't put "merry christmas" on it as shown on the pattern.

and one more thing, i's ridiculous, the quilt featured on the front of this guessed it another unfinished project. i need to get my act together!!!

hope you enjoy the show. tell michelle, julie sent you!
(p.s. if you can't physically get to the shop, call them and they'll ship your product to you)

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My Mom

asked if i was going to have
a valentine party for my quilt class.
i wasn't planning on it, until she mentioned it, of course.
and now my mind is racing with ideas of how cute it would be.
i hate when this happens.
of course, i have to make these cute cupcakes that i found in a country living magazine years ago. the link to the insturctions are here.
now, i have to think up a small quilt that i can teach.
oh the pressure i put on myself.
do any of you do this.
i know how to say no, that's not the problem. the problem is, in my head i begin to think how cute it could be, how fun it would be, how much my class would enjoy it, and what cute pictures i could take to post. but in the back of my mind i know i'll get stressed out, run out of time, not find exactly what i have conjured in my mind and get frustrated. the house will again be a disaster, dinner won't get made and i'll probably snap a few too many times.
but i'll do it anyway, because in the end...
i'll love it.
it's a sickness and i need help people.

(i'll let you know how it turns out. thanks mom)

I don't know why

i was so surprised to find this.

i guess if you want a "perfect" snowman you would consider getting something like this.
He is pretty handsome.
click here if you would like to order the "perfect" snowman in a box kit.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Be Merry

is the name of this paper kit that i found here.
i recently ran across this post that had the best advent idea.
the little princess LOVES paper crafts (crafts of any kind really)
and this was a great way to get her involved.

so i've been collecting different christmas paper so that this year we, too, can have our own advent tags. it's a really neat idea go check it out.
oh...i almost forgot...jen from tatertots and jello ( if you didn't get a chance to check out her blog yet, head on over) asked me what projects i am currently working on. well jen, to be honest other than collecting paper for the advent tags, i'm leaving the paper crafts to my talented sister and focusing on getting my quilts done. i have promised myself that i would not start one more new project without getting an old one done first. so far, so good.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm sorry

i couldn't resist this one.
hope it makes you smile.
have a great day!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Must Take a Moment

before i go to bed to share this with you. jen from tatertots and jello (love that title) had this on her blog. you must go visit her. she has SO MUCH to share and you will not be sorry. i found her when we did the home tour but never had the chance to really look through her posts. so tonight, as bob snoozes away, i took some time to look through all her wonderful posts. there were SO many great ideas, i didn't know what to show you.
i did LOVE this note. i think i may just make a few and keep them in my car. hehe.
jen, if you read this...thanks for ALL the time you put into your posts!
very creative, very informative, and VERY well done!
(if i knew how to give you a "button" i would.)

A Melted Snowman

cupcake, how clever!!!
go here for a tutorial and the recipe. What fun!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day

here at the isa home. i love when my kids are happy. nothing gives me greater joy than seeing pure joy radiate from the faces of my children.

today was a great day!

first (and i don't have a picture, sigh...) sissy faxed her application in and paid her deposit on an apartment in utah. her official move in date is may 5th. she is SO excited to be going away to college and being on her own. i am very excited for her, but at the same time my heart is heavy. my mind is racing...what haven't i taught her...what will she need...i need to put a recipe book together...i need to make lists. ahhhhh!

puter, if you read this...i love you and i know without a shadow of a doubt that this is what and where you need to be going. i know you'll be successful in all the things you put your mind to. you are talented and strong and you are great! focus and stay the course!

ok, now that i got that off my chest...let me share with you the reason for the happy smile on bub's face.

if you don't already know, bub loves nothing more than to ride motorcycles. he has been since he was 3. for a long time now he has wanted to go from his current yz80 to a yz125, but he needed to grow alittle and save a lot. well, he grew a lot and saved some and somehow he found a great deal on craigs list. long story short. the bike needed a ton of work, the parts (ok the engine)finally came in and bob stayed up until 3 am last night(well, this morning) to get all 600 pieces put together and running. the sound of the engine running put a smile on bub's face that i'm not sure i've ever seen before. i heard him say as he was going to bed, "this was a great day!"

it's been a good day, a very good day.

goodnight all.

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Crepe Paper Rosettes

are just another great tutorial given by candice carpenter.
click here for the instructions.

Do You Cross Stitch

i haven't in a while, but after seeing this,
i'm thinking i need to start again. how cute!
i was surprised to find some great primitive patterns.
click here to find this pattern and many others.

Monday, January 19, 2009


for a talented sister who loves me!!!

tonight my sister brought me a little valentine goody that she made. i love's a garland made from vintage valentine images.

i quickly went to work to create a perect place for my garland. i love valentine decorations, there just isn't enough of them.
thanks suz!!! i love you!

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