Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February's Midnight Madness

this months class was this quilt by rita briner
called baskets & poppies
you can get the pattern here.

as always it's a lot of fun.
here's the summary...

{the goods}

{the gals}

{the quilts}

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Rose!!!

she's {two}!!!

well i can't believe it! evyn is two!
we celebrated her birthday with a small family gathering on sunday evening.
masyn was put in charge of decorating and organizing the party and she did a most fabulous job!

grandma & poppy stopped by after church to wish miss rose a very happy birthday!
it was exciting to see that we were all on the same page. there seemed to be a united garden theme and no one planned it that way! love it!

can i just say how much i LOVE the picture above with nolan and evyn!
the guests arrived at 6:30. just in time to sing happy birthday and devour the strawberry trifle and flower cupcakes.
she had a great birthday!
and at two our {little} evyn rose is...
25 lbs 10 oz. & 33 1/2" long
(at 18 mo. she was 24 lbs 10 oz. & 33 1/2" long...interesting...)
she talks a TON and very clearly
she LOVES to {fix} things.
i told shawn she'll be his mechanic. {that's another story for another post}
she definitely runs the show. no matter what the show is...
she still refuses to keep anything in her hair
she'll wear anything, but only when she wants to. she's very particular about it.
{right now she will not take off the jammies nana made her and she has two different shoes on and one sock}
she's sassy and can be thorny at times. true to her name
she makes the ugliest little face and thinks it is hysterical.
{we are still trying to capture it on a camera}
i love it when she says..."hip...hip...hip...hip...HOORAY!"
the hip sounds more like a very high pitched "hIEp"
gavin and dad are still her favorites
my favorite is when shawn comes home and she runs to him with her right arm bent and swinging back and forth as if it makes her go really fast...maybe it does :)
wilson is her friend. she LOVES dogs.
nolan gets the brunt of most of her aggression and masyn loves having a sister to play with
and i get the snuggly girl who still wants her mommy when she gets an owie
she is our rose. we adore her. everything about her.
{as i write this post, nolan is calling me crying because she is being mean to him and trying to take his chair...did i mention she's bossy?}
so yes. we love everything about her and wouldn't want it any other way.
happy birthday rose!
you are PERFECT!
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY Houndstooth Shoes

this post is for chelsie!
you have to check out this tutorial.
she turned a very worn out pair of black shoes into these!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baskets & Poppies

this is this month's midnight madness quilt.
i got {all} the stitching done over the windy weekend!
i changed the flowers a bit and forgot to add the stars {darn}
the pattern is designed by rita briner and linda brannock
you can find it here.
and while i was out taking a picture of the quilt i captured a couple signs that spring is near...

love fruit trees!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

we celebrated valentine's day this year with our traditional valentine's party
i got the valentine twinkie dessert idea from somewhat simple. it was a hit!
i used strawberry glaze instead of jam and it was super yummy! i baked the meatloaf in a 9 x 12 pan and cut it with a cookie cutter. easy, but cute. my dad & stepmom sent over the chocolate covered strawberries {delicious}. so much for the diet :(
i made the valentine holders like the ones found at the crafting chicks. i didn't have the supplies to make the letters, so i crafted the names with chenille stems that i had. an idea that came from here...
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did i tell you that we kept chelsie's pooch?
yep. wilson is officially my dog {don't tell chelsie} and evyn's bestest friend!
she {loves} this dog and he listens to her.
come wilson. sit wilson. move. down. treat {his favorite}.
they are good friends!
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Love is in the air...

{please don't share this post with gavin!!!}
meet mikaela.
gavin's first valentine.
she was the one responsible for the shower in the desert, she's the one on the {honda :)} and she's the one who has stole his heart.
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Windy Weekend...

this is what camp looked like last weekend...
and inside there is where we stayed {for the most part}
some ventured out, when the wind died down only to run for cover when it picked up again
suz was thrilled to find this piece of petrified wood in camp of all places!

those that rode did well when traveling with the wind.
traveling against it proved a little tougher.
{gavin & mikaela)


nolan cracked me up and i'm bummed i didn't get a picture, but he spent saturday shirtless wearing goggles playing in the dirt. he didn't care. his hair didn't blow around and nothing got in his eyes. i'm not sure how he handled being shirtless, but he insisted on "getting sun".
crazy kid.

evyn stayed inside. the wind did not make her happy.
sunday rolled around and the wind died down a bit.
long enough for nolan to finally ride his dirtbike

and for me to grab a picture of a {clean} gavin! i'm sure it had something to do with this cute girl. he has NEVER taken a shower on a weekend trip! ever!
and just because, i took another because it's a {rare} occasion when i can get a picture of gavin, let alone, one of him smiling!
i even came out of the trailer and took the kids on a ride in the "bumpety bump"

i got a lot of stitching done :)
and just one more picture of my happy guy with brandon's dirt bike shirt!
desert + wind = no bueno...
but we all found something that made us smile!

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