Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Windy Weekend...

this is what camp looked like last weekend...
and inside there is where we stayed {for the most part}
some ventured out, when the wind died down only to run for cover when it picked up again
suz was thrilled to find this piece of petrified wood in camp of all places!

those that rode did well when traveling with the wind.
traveling against it proved a little tougher.
{gavin & mikaela)


nolan cracked me up and i'm bummed i didn't get a picture, but he spent saturday shirtless wearing goggles playing in the dirt. he didn't care. his hair didn't blow around and nothing got in his eyes. i'm not sure how he handled being shirtless, but he insisted on "getting sun".
crazy kid.

evyn stayed inside. the wind did not make her happy.
sunday rolled around and the wind died down a bit.
long enough for nolan to finally ride his dirtbike

and for me to grab a picture of a {clean} gavin! i'm sure it had something to do with this cute girl. he has NEVER taken a shower on a weekend trip! ever!
and just because, i took another because it's a {rare} occasion when i can get a picture of gavin, let alone, one of him smiling!
i even came out of the trailer and took the kids on a ride in the "bumpety bump"

i got a lot of stitching done :)
and just one more picture of my happy guy with brandon's dirt bike shirt!
desert + wind = no bueno...
but we all found something that made us smile!

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