Tuesday, March 31, 2009


as i quilted this quilt today for a dear friend (hi margi)
i couldn't help but think about a time that seems so long ago...

we (margi and i) bought this kit for the 'may day' quilt probably 8 years ago.
and as i quilted it i remembered the fabrics and the fabric lines and some good times at the quilt shop.

i worked there, at the time, and that's where i met margi and many other friends that i cherish.
mary and kelly owned the shop then. we had great times working, quilting, decorating and taking classes together.

mary has sinced past away and kelly lives in seattle with her dad and brother. i haven't talked to her in years.

and as i quilted over the pieces, i remembered the fabrics and some that were kelly's favorites like the green in the bottom left corner. my favorites were the red/pink in the top corners and the stripe that runs just below the block. i remember mary and kelly picking the fabrics out and all of us putting the kits together before class. we just had to have this kit and just like so many other kits that we had to have, they are still sitting on a shelf in my sewing room.

i'll have to take them out, one by one, and start working on them. i enjoyed the feelings that it brought back and i was surprised by my emotions as i watched the needle pass through each one.

thanks margi, it was a pleasure!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's Behind the Mask

not your average queen.

and i thank God for that!!!

a couple days ago i ran across this post and this post.

two totally different topics...or are they???
this one was about (in a nutshell) keeping it real on our blogs. sandy from 4 reluctant entertainers mentions in her post that people set beautiful tables, as if they were having a dinner party, for the sake of the post with no intention of having people over. that surprised me...do people really do that? i guess some do. sandy continues by saying "keep it real", invite someone to dinner.

it got me thinking...are we "keeping it real"? are we ok enough with ourselves to expose our true selves or are we hiding behind a mask that we call our blog? i love blogging. it has become a source of inspiration and an outlet for creativity. i enjoy "the pressure" of posting because it keeps me motivated and on task in some weird way. i believe that each of us has been put here to encourage and help others, even if it's only one person that we touch. we need to keep it real and be the best person the Lord intended us to be. we don't need to be who the world thinks we should be or who our neighbor is. we need to embrace who we are and teach our children to do the same.

which brings me to this post. darcy was blogging about the show toddlers, tiaras, and trauma. i have not watched the show, nor do i ever intend to watch the show. i think the pressure that is put upon those young girls is horrible. is winning that important? is money that important? do they know who they are and that they are more than a beautiful dress and a tiara? do they know that they are loved unconditionally? will they grow up constantly seeking approval? most importantly, do they know that Heavenly Father loves them no matter if they win or lose? do they know that they are daughters of a King? i don't have the answers and i'm sure that each child is very different. i can only hope that they grow up accepting and loving who they were meant to be and not what someone else thinks they should be.

which brings me to the above picture...

as many of you know, sissy was crowned as our city's queen last year. her 'reign' was over this past month and a new queen is now crowned. being 'queen' was an interesting experience for all of us. sissy had problems with the director of the pageant. sissy wasn't your typical queen. she didn't wave "right", she didn't dress "right" and she didn't act "right" (according to the director). she 'kept it real' and by doing so, she was able to connect with others and make a positive impact on many. i hope that it taught her that it's not who you don't touch, it's who you do that matters.

in her farewell speech, she may have wore a mask to hide her emotions, but in her daily life there is no need for a mask. she's perfect just the way she is and by the look on her nana's face...i'd say she thinks so too.

i hope that we all have the courage to be ourselves and "keep it real".

not only for our sake, but for the sake of our children, as well.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

yep, it's monday again!
today kasey has asked us to share 10 things we can't live without.
you know, friend to friend advice...
if you'd like to share 10 of your favorite things, go here.

here's mine...

1. gold canyon candles. they are a constant must in my home. i love the baking line and so does everyone who comes over. it's something my kids will remember when there grown up...the smell of their childhood.

2. these kitchenaid mixing bowls...there have been many times that i've needed to bake or prepare dinner with a very fussy baby who refuses to be let down. i can hold the baby in one hand and mix in the other. they have a rubber bottom that holds it in place. i love them!

3. fantastic sams shampoo & conditioner. i've used both the daily and color care shampoo & conditioner and i love it!!! (thanks doug...) i've used a ton of different products and this one makes my hair happy.
4. the fhi straightner. i actually bought this for my oldest daughter and i love it. we fight over it. i'm going to be very sad when she moves and takes it with her :(

5. (for the quilters out there) i couldn't live without this stuff. the yli quilting thread. i use it for applique, for binding, for wool applique...i love it!

6. shout color catchers are THE BEST...they have saved me and my clothes from disaster!

7. arbonne's eye cream. i've used arbonne's eye cream for probably 13 years now and i still think it's the best. actually, all the arbonne products are pretty darn good!

8. russell stover's sugar free chocolates. they really are yummy and they are atkins friendly!
9. a high-shine lip gloss is a must...but one that lasts, that's hard to find...any suggestions???

10. tall black boots are a must! i love them and they are great on those days that i have "prickly legs".

that's all folks. i hope you have a great week!

take care!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter is a Comin'

(picture from retro mama)
alex first blogged about these fabulous fabric eggs from retro mama and i thought i would as well so you all could make some of your own! click here for the tutorial and make sure you let them know how fantastic they are for sharing this wonderful idea!!!
have a great weekend!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Car Organizer

yesterday bob spent quite a bit of time detailing my car...
what a nice husband!!!

once he was done, i got in there and did some organizing
and it got me thinking...

if your like me, you spend most of your day in your car.
hopefully, at the end of the day, yours doesn't look like mine!

i have developed a few ways to keep me organized
and i thought i'd share them with you over the next few weeks.

the first, is this organizer.

it is a plastic coupon holder that i turned into a place to hold a bit of this and that...

i've used this for a couple years now, and i love it!

i carry it in the pocket of my door along with deposit envelopes

and my mc donalds gift certificates

(i had to put those in the picture for karen...)
more to come next friday...

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Quilters Daybook

A Quilter's Daybook for March 26, 2009
for today, March 26th, 2009 ...
Outside My Sewing Room Window...our yellow lab, remington, is having a good ol' time rolling around in the grass. it's funny when he does it after the grass is cut, his yellow coat turns green...

I am thinking...about the projects i want to get done this weekend and if the baby is going to feel well before my sister leaves for the desert tomorrow.

I am thankful for... my sister who has so generously offered to take ALL the kids including the baby with her to the desert this weekend!!! i don't think bob & i have ever been home alone for more than a day. i'm hoping that the happiest baby is feeling better by tomorrow!

One of my Favorite things...is this quilt that was made by my great-grandmother. i'm not sure if she's made other quilts...this one is a treasure.

I am working on...my easter quilt. i've got 4 of the 5 stitcheries done. i've been working on them while the kids are in the tub. (note to self...multi tasking is good, but next time don't use a water soluble marker...)

I am looking forward to...spending time with bob and quilting all day long on saturday...

On the Longarm is...patti's civil war quilt.

A tip from the sewing room...it's important to use a 'scant 1/4" seam' when quilting, especially if you are making a sampler quilt. to be sure that you are sewing with a scant 1/4", i would recommend sewing together 4 x 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" strips. the finshed block should measure 4 1/2" square.
I thought I'd share... this book from jan patek. i know it's a 'fall' book, but if your start now, just think what you could get down. i love it not only for the quilts, but the photographs are awesome! my favorite is the picture of the squirrel on the back of the book.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What'cha Doin' Wednesday

have i ever mentioned that i LOVE this stuff???
yep, i do and i used a lot of it today!

once the house was cleaned and some finishing touches of easter
were put here and there...

i spent the rest of the day preparing these blocks...

and baking more banana bread

for a quilt class that i was teaching at my house.

we're a little late, but we started the joseph smith quilt.
we are working on it once a month, so it will take some time...
that's ok, i enjoyed the time with these gals and
i look forward to the friendships that will grow throughout the next year.
i only wish i had room for more...

p.s. a little 'i don't want to forget moment'...when bub got home from school he asked what he could do to help me? (sweet huh!) i don't remember if i gave him a specific task, but the next thing i know he had the vacuum out and was putting the baby in the back pack. (ahhh...)
the best part...he put the baby in the backpack backwards :).
i love that kid!!!
thanks bub, for helping me...your still the bestest!!!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Beautiful Flower

(before i forget, i must post it.)

first...the morning conversation...

bub "MOM, you CAN NOT let her wear that!"

me "sure i can. (smiling)"

bub "MOM SERIOUSLY, you CAN'T let her wear that!"

me "(with the mother's eye...)yes, i can...she looks like a be-u-ti-ful flower!)

the little princess (from down the hall...) "yeah bub! i look like a BEAUTIFUL flower!"

bub leaves shaking his head in disgust!

the little princess looking like a beautiful flower goes to school...

fast forward to the end of school...

me to the little princess, "how was your day?"

her "good, except isa (her girlfriend, funny huh..) said i looked like CORN!!!, she said, "OOH! CORN!" and ran away from me! i told her i looked like a sunflower and she kept on calling me CORN! she doesn't know what a flower looks like!"

me "your right, she doesn't and you do look like a beautiful sunflower"

the end!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

for today's task, kasey has asked us to list
10 things we are thankful for...
here's my 10 things...
1. Christ & my church - 7 years ago i joined the 'Mormon' church. i upset MANY and many literally fell to the floor in prayer and tears. while i appreciated their love for me, i was sad that they had a common misconception about the teachings and doctrine. Jesus Christ was then and is now the center of my life. 4 years ago, bob joined the church. it has been the best thing we have ever done for ourselves and our family.
2. my family - all of them...'bob', the kids, sister, mom, dad, step-parents, grandparents, in-laws, nieces, nephews, those that we've 'adopted' as family...everyone. they all play different, but important roles in my life, as well as, my childrens lives. each one brings different values, lessons, personalities that make us who we are. each one helps to shape our young ones and give them character. we are very blessed to have so much family, so close.
3. our friends - what would we do without the support of a friend? a friend who knows you and still chooses to be around you is not something to take lightly. friends are placed in our lives by the Lord at just the right time to play an important role that only they can fulfill. if you are lucky enough to have a few great friends, then you are lucky enough. i am blessed...
4. work - it may sound strange, but i am grateful for work for two very different reasons. first, in today's economic times i am truly grateful that 'bob' has enough work to keep him busy and keep food on the table and gas in the car... second, i am grateful for work because it teaches many valuable lessons. it teaches to appreciate and to serve, it teaches not to be idol and to be helpful. it teaches teamwork and trust. i am grateful that there is always work to be done and willing hands to do it.
5. health - i thank the Lord every night for our health and i pray to Him every morning to keep us that way. there is not a minute that goes by that i take it for granted, ever...
6. technology - what in the world would we do without our cell phones, the internet, debit cards, and the remote control!!!...oh my gosh, how did we live before???
7. quilting - 10 years ago i decided that i wanted to learn to quilt...shortly after, a quilt shop opened up down the street from me. not long after that, i started taking classes and then began working there a couple times a week to support my new hobby. ten years later, i have a thriving in home business, amazing friends, a hobby that gives me a sense of accomplishment and an outlet for the creative side of me. if has brought warmth to our home and has inspired my children to create. it's become a part of who i am.
8. neighbors - in our neighborhood we still borrow suger and bring eachother tea to ease a pregnant tummy. we still watch eachothers kids and enter without knocking. we still have frontyard bbq's in the summer and waterfights in the street. many of our neighbors are our greatest friends and we cherish that relationship. neighborhoods around this amazing country are missing out because too many people keep their doors locked and their curtains closed. life is too short. get to know those around you. you might be surprised who the Lord has put in the house across the street.
9. my trials - they have made me who i am and they have made me appreciate life much more. i tell my kids...we will all have things to overcome and work through...it's how we handle the challenge and how we stand up to it that determines who we are. stand tall in the face of adversity and yours will be a solid character and a noble mind.
10. blogging - it's given me an outlet to learn, connect, inspire, share and meet all of you...
for that i am truly grateful!

Bunny Hill Block #3

is almost finished! a few lazy daisy stitches here and there and i'm done...

class was this last saturday.
i think my favorite part is making goodies and being with everyone.

as i mentioned in this post, a friend of my sister's designed these cute easter treats.
and i had a good time making them for the gals at the quilt shop.

and i made some brownies to munch on during class, although, they didn't turn out so good.
i'm pretty sure i used the same mix that i always do...hmmm...not sure now that i think about it...
i'm struggling to stay on my atkins diet so i was good and didn't have one before i took them down to the shop. bad idea!!!
when i finally couldn't take it any longer (brownies are one of my favorite things) i took a little bite and yuck!

good for me...bad for the nice gals!
oh well, it looked cute :)

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