Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter is a Comin'

(picture from retro mama)
alex first blogged about these fabulous fabric eggs from retro mama and i thought i would as well so you all could make some of your own! click here for the tutorial and make sure you let them know how fantastic they are for sharing this wonderful idea!!!
have a great weekend!!!


Miller Racing Family said...

How cute, I love the eggs and the stand they are on. Is the tape measures under it a tablecloth? It is super cute. Have a great weekend.

Xazmin said...

Those are so cute! I may just have to try them!


Alex said...

LOL! I have been obsessing over these eggs.. I saw that same stand, I am now a proud owner of that and the egg stand.. I only justified the egg stand purchase because mini cupcakes, which are Missy's favorite fit.. hee hee. I am not joking when I say OBSESSING.. I dreamt about these eggs and what colors and fabrics I would make them in.. I made my first one this morning in Chez Mio before 7am.. seiously.. I was thinking of them all night, two nights in a row! I didnt like my stitching, so it was a practice egg.. I need help.. Hugs

Kelly O. said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this tutorial! I saw some eggs made of chenille bedspreads on Etsy and almost bought them because they were so cute! now I can make my own.

jenjen said...

Those eggs are so wonderful! Thanks for sharing the link!