Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Our Desert Weekend - Part 1

the long anticipated desert post is finally here...
this is going to be a two part post because i must give bob his very own post!
as i mentioned in this post, he had a most adventurous day...
he wrestled a marine, cut up his foot, and became a plastic surgeon all in one day!
amazing, i know!!!
the things we get him into and by we...i mean all of us...
and by all of us...'i mean all of us'.

i was actually to blame for the 'wrestle a marine' part.
but i didn't really realize that it would turn into be a full blown wrestling match...
i don't really think i knew what i was thinking when i did the encouraging,
i mean he's pushin' forty for crying out loud!!!
grant, the marine, is a kid we've known since he was about 10ish.
he recently enlisted and is being deployed to iraq very soon.
i'm not quite sure who prompted the intial gesture of the 'wrestle'
but i heard it and...well the rest, as they say, is history.
documented history...
and as 'bub' stated..."bob owned that marine".

well...as bob will tell you, thanks to my 'encouraging' remarks
he ended up with several bruises and
these feet. i know, i'm sorry!!!

but, wait the trip was a success when, to our disbelief, he became a plastic surgeon!
yes, it's true...

'bub' flipped his 'new' bigger (too big, if you ask me) bike over doing a wheelie and cracked the darn fender right in half!!! bob stitched the darn thing right up. who knew he had such skills! (click on the picture to see his mad skillz!)

i'm telling you, he's amazing!

hope you all enjoyed alittle insight into the world of bob.
we love you bob!!!
your our hero...seriously!

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Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- "He Owned that Marine" -- Tooo funny! And very darn impressive too. Bob sounds like a keeper. I think it's the name. That's my Dad's name and really, I'm not partial -- he's a great guy too LOL!

Katherine said...

You and Bob both stitch well! Bob told me some about this trip. I loved seeing the pictures though. Bob wrestling the marine doesn't surprise me at all. :)