Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

i can not believe how fast the year has flown by.
when we brought you home you were a quiet 9 pound baby who smiled from the day you were born.
one year later, you are still smiling and as big as ever.
your beautiful son.
i know Heavenly Father sent you to fulfill something great. i often wonder what life would have been like with two of you. i think Heavenly Father knew i couldn't handle twins and am grateful for the knowledge of an eternal family. i often wonder if all your babbling are conversations with your brother/sister and if the smiles that were so evident, even as an infant were for him/her. my dear son, i love you and can not express the joy i have in my heart because of you. you make me laugh out loud and are by far the happiest baby i have ever had the opportunity to meet.
thank you for bringing joy to our hearts, smiles to our faces and laughter in our home.
although the year has flown by (against my wishes...) it has brought wonderful memories that we will all cherish. you are hysterical and if you do become a class clown, could you please, at least, be respectful?
here are a few of your favorite things!
this remote-control car that the nelson's just brought over. you are LOVING it!!!

your quad & the street bike that brandon picked out for you.
really, i think you like the wheels the best, but you can get around pretty good on both and you are a crack up when you dance to the music they play.

the "bumpety bump" is your favorite. all we have to do is start it up and you smile.

you love to sing. i am not exagerrating when i say you wake up singing, you have a song in your heart that i wish you could sing...one day!

you love to dance...if that's what you call it. i must get a video of it!

you love your bub. first thing in the morning you call to him "buh, buh!" he comes running in to get you, you climb out of bed as fast as you can and laugh. i love it!!!
i sometimes think you love sissy more than me. even if she dresses you up like a girl!

and your 'sis' is your buddy. she's always there to hold your hand and help you when you fall, play little people with you and make sure your loved when you cry.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

here's to a BRIGHT future!

LOVE you!


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Alex said...

Happy Birthday to you! Julie congrats one year one with your lovely boy... Make sure you print out the entry for your family book... I too write letters to my dd.. I love to look back on them..
See you Friday..

Tanya from Miller Racing Family said...

What a wonderful post! I love the picture of the little guy and the remote control car. Now were you suppose to have twins? We are in line for twins, so I always keep that in mind when start talking about having babies. You will have to drop by my blog as I am giving away the Love Dare book. Hope you have a great Tuesday!

jenjen said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little boy! He is so cute. I love that picture of him laughing at the car. Adorable!!!



Man chicky, That was perfect.... Those baby eyes are sparkly and warm.... There is nothing better then having older kids around a baby that they love... I really did get a lump in my throat... Happy Bday Little Guy!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

The first year always flies by!! I LOVE that picture of your son with his remote control car. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

Marie said...

What an adorably happy little boy! I, too, love the picture of him with his remote control car! That is pure joy on his face and it blessed my heart to see it! Happy birthday to your little blessing!

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet son! Have a good day.

Aunt Suz said...

so did you need to make me cry this morning. I love this little guy. Had truely does make everyone smile. I have never meet such a happy boy and so full of life. Hope you had a wonderful 1st birthday. We all love you so very much.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Aw, what a sweet sweet boy. Happy birthday to him. How fabulous to have such a great family.

Peggy. said...

What a precious boy. I just love the pic of him cracking up!

Thimbleanna said...

What an adorable baby Julie!!! He's just too cute -- I LOVE that pic of him laughing at the remote control car!!! Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Betty sks Fudgie said...

That was sweet, loving, cherishable (if that's a word), "who's got a tissue?" From the soul post for the boy of the day! I love his laughing photo! I can't wait to officially meet him and hold him and a kiss!!!!
Happy Birthday mama...you and "bob" did a good thing! I hope you have more of the same.