Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Our Desert Trip Part 2

the flowers are starting to bloom in the desert.
i must admit...i don't really find the desert to be as beautiful as some do.
i enjoy it, don't get me wrong...i just wouldn't say it's beautiful.
but i did enjoy the flowers deb picked for the little princess to give me.

and i did enjoy spending time with family and friends.
i'm thrilled that my sister and the andersen's came with us.

it was like old times and i miss the old times!

the baby LOVED the dirt bikes. this one wouldn't tip over on him, so i let him tinker with it. he spent a lot of time, playing with the wheels and handlebars. so cute!!!

bub helped the little princess ride the dirt bike. it has training wheels so it was pretty easy for her. she had a bit of trouble with the softer sand. i enjoy watching them together. he's a great big brother and he LOVES that she's on a dirt bike.

speaking of bub, he spent his time seeing how much air he could get. he finally went through his growth spurt and grew enough to move to the bigger bike. it makes me nervous, but i try to be 'cool' about it. whatever...

i love this picture. it's so typical of bub.
he had just pulled off a jump and landed a bit squirly (is that a word...)and he's looking back to see if i saw. boys!!!

here's some of my favorite pics from the weekend...

blaine and jessica

david laughing...love this kid!!!

the girls pulling the baby in the cart. i didn't get the picture of him tipping over face first into the dirt. poor baby!

great picture of cory

the look on mackenzie and the little princess's face when bob wrestled the marine!

my nephew brandon learning to ride the 80. way to go brandon!!!

grant, the marine.

as you head off to war, to fight for freedom and the pursuit of happiness...please know that you are in our prayers.

may God bless & protect you!

it was a good trip!

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Marie said...

After looking through these two postss, I can say it looks like you had a really good time!

Suz said...

I love that post. I am going to need a book of your blog one day. I loved our trip to the desert and look forward to many more fun shared time.

Needled Mom said...

It appears from the facese that everyone had a wonderful time together.

Prayers go out for the marine.

Betty aka Fudgie said...

Tell bubba and the princess I am very proud of them! "Bubba" your getting very tall and growing up on us. Are you still gonna be our "boy?" Hope you bring him with in the summer! Hey, thought queenie was venturing outta the nest? Glad she is still home!XXXXXO

queenie said...

Im venturing Fudgie :] just not until may! starting to get nervous...but definitely excited! miss you!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Love all those pictures! Especially the ones of the girls watching the wrestling. You've remembered my cardinal rule of picture taking (which I never remember myself) -- the best pictures come, not from the action, but from the reactions of the people watching the action!

Did you say where you went in the desert? Anywhere near Lancaster? I used to live there years ago and my youngest was born there!

Katherine said...

What great pictures you took!! Looks like a great trip.