Monday, March 16, 2009

A Tribute to Our Queens

(turn your sound on...)
and two girls who became great friends!!!

(i had a blast taking these pictures of you two.)
to the both of you,
as your reign has come to a bittersweet end,

i must leave you with a few thoughts and a proper thank you!!!

you both held your title as queen with grace and dignity, even when it was tough to do so. i am proud of you both for not throwing in the towel when the evil witch tried so hard to get you to.

many (like me) tend to view pagaents as beauty contests and i won't lie, in many ways beauty has a lot of leverage. in your cases, however, your beauty is not only skin deep, it delves into your very souls. your love for children and the causes that you hold dear to your hearts, make you the perfect choice for queen. you served this city and you gave freely of your time and love to do what was asked of you and so much more! you always gave 110% and often without acknowledgement. you were wonderful stewards of the cause!
thank you for serving the community in which we live. it was always so cute to see and hear how the little girls would react to a 'real' princess. you two were rare examples for these young girls. i was always impressed at how you stood out amongst the 'trendy hooches' (as i call them). i can not believe what some of these girls would wear...yikes!!!

your self confidence and poise amazes me.

i am so very grateful that 'the little princess' has role models like the two of you to look up to. (remind me to tell you what she said at the farewell...) as i always say...there are good examples of what to be, and there are good examples of what not to be...

you two will be missed by the city officials and the members that got to know you.

and as you reflect back on this throughout your life, i hope that you take from it the good and not any of the negative. life gives us opportunities that allow us to learn and grow. what we do with our opportunities make us who we are and who our children will become.
hard work, courage, grace, devotion and faith are key to accomplishing success in this life. i pray that you will always strive to serve others and that you stay true to your cause.
i am so proud of both of you!
i can't wait to see what you do with your future!!!

farewell dear queens, you were awesome!!!

Love you!

Mom (and Julie)

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Aunt Suz said...

You have such an amazing way with words. I could not have said it better. You have and will always be an important roll modle to Mackenzie and I am blessed that she does have you. Chelsie you are amazing. Love you

granny goose said...

A wonderful tribute to the queens. I know how very proud I am of the lady that you have become. I can't wait to read and hear all about the next chapter of your life.
love you,
granny gooose

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What a sweet tribute to two beautiful girls. It's great to know that there are truly some good role models out there. I need that for my daughter!!

heidi said...

That was TOTALLY sweet. Your daughter is beautiful.

Alex G said...

Are you trying to make me cry? Congrats to Chelsea in her year long reign.. I know she has an AWESOME mom and that is a key blessing in her life..
Big hugs,

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

I love this post! What wonderful photos. You can see their inside beauty shining in these photos. Two Beautiful Girls. Thank you for sharing with us!

Katherine said...

SO Beautiful! What else can I say...

Puter said...

thanks mom :] we both really appreciated that! and it was LONGER THAN A SENTENCE! go figure! ;]