Saturday, March 21, 2009

Have you ever...

drove by or walked by someone's house all the time admiring something
and wishing you had it in you to stop the car, knock on the door and tell the homeowner?
i think about it often...
but never have.

i have this hedge on my front fence that has been growing for about 8 years now.
about this time it begins to bloom and it is a beautiful sight.
i've had many friends and neighbors comment on it
but i've never had someone take the time to knock on the door.

until today, that is...

what a lovely gesture! i can't tell you how nice i thought that was...
it brought a smile to my face and made my heart happy.

not so much because she admired my rose bush, but because there are still people in this world who share a sense of a 'small town' connection with those around her. i wish people were more willing to talk to their neighbors, smile and wave to passers by or simply tell someone "yours roses are beautiful."

to whom ever you were that knocked on my door today, thank you for being warm at heart.

and putting a smile in my day.

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Deb said...

Julie, how true your post is. I know many times I have passed a home and thought something was stunning and wanted to tell the person but have never been brave enough to do it. I think how horrible it would be if you got a negative reaction. I will think twicve now.

jenjen said...

That's so sweet that they did that! I am way too shy. But I have often wanted to!


Marie said...

Let me be another one who knocks on your door and tells you you have a beautiful hedge! It's truly lovely and you also have a sweet heart. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! XXOO

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your roses ARE beautiful.

Jeanette said...

How thoughtful that was! And, your flowers are so pretty!

Betty aka Fudgie said...

How long has the rose hedge been growing on your fence? Did you plant it? What variety is it?

BTW...where is the "Cheri" pattern you were to get us?

What are you teaching for the BOM?

Who taught you to use a sewing machine?

Why can't you make aprons?

Have you stopped drinking diet cokes?

Are you glad your mom moved back to California? Now that was a dumb question, I admit it!

You fibbed on one of the previous posts. They asked you what part of your body do you not like? I know which part..and I am not suppose to talk about it...especially when you have a baby in your tummy! Cause it gets.........

Are we going to see another pattern from Jill and Julie?

How long did it take you to decide to become an LDS member? Did you have any hardships to overcome in this venture?

Do you want your children to be missionaries?

How has your dad inspired you?

Does Bub still argue with you? Or, stand his ground with his wisdom?
Is he still an old man?

I ask these questions because:

There are wonderful answers inside your heart. You have that part of you you have not expressed. Show us a bit of the spiritual part of you besides all this icing and ribbons. You are much more than a party shop.

You are a gift!

Katherine said...

wow---that is really cool that she stopped by to talk to you. I love that. I'm sure after talking to you, she was so glad that she did.

Tanya from Miller Racing Family said...

How wonderful is that. Though I am to far away to knock on your door today I do want to say how nice and pretty that hedge is and how I would love to have one in my yard. How funny is that because tonight before I started blogging I told my husband that if we are ever in your next of the woods I would love to meet you.
I thought this post is so true. In today's world we sometimes only think the worst about people and think they are only out to get us or something that we have. This post really brought the wonderful spirit of America back to life.
Thanks for being a blessing today!

SweetTorts said...

That might happen where I grew up, but I'm sure it would be rare...

It definitely would not happen where I live now. New Yorkers are more friendly than you'd think, but people tend to just go about their business quickly. I'm sure it would raise skepticism even in me (a girl from the south...)

I LOVE living in this magnificent city, but I can appreciate small town charm too.

I bet it made you feel good. It would make me feel good as well! =)