Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's Behind the Mask

not your average queen.

and i thank God for that!!!

a couple days ago i ran across this post and this post.

two totally different topics...or are they???
this one was about (in a nutshell) keeping it real on our blogs. sandy from 4 reluctant entertainers mentions in her post that people set beautiful tables, as if they were having a dinner party, for the sake of the post with no intention of having people over. that surprised people really do that? i guess some do. sandy continues by saying "keep it real", invite someone to dinner.

it got me thinking...are we "keeping it real"? are we ok enough with ourselves to expose our true selves or are we hiding behind a mask that we call our blog? i love blogging. it has become a source of inspiration and an outlet for creativity. i enjoy "the pressure" of posting because it keeps me motivated and on task in some weird way. i believe that each of us has been put here to encourage and help others, even if it's only one person that we touch. we need to keep it real and be the best person the Lord intended us to be. we don't need to be who the world thinks we should be or who our neighbor is. we need to embrace who we are and teach our children to do the same.

which brings me to this post. darcy was blogging about the show toddlers, tiaras, and trauma. i have not watched the show, nor do i ever intend to watch the show. i think the pressure that is put upon those young girls is horrible. is winning that important? is money that important? do they know who they are and that they are more than a beautiful dress and a tiara? do they know that they are loved unconditionally? will they grow up constantly seeking approval? most importantly, do they know that Heavenly Father loves them no matter if they win or lose? do they know that they are daughters of a King? i don't have the answers and i'm sure that each child is very different. i can only hope that they grow up accepting and loving who they were meant to be and not what someone else thinks they should be.

which brings me to the above picture...

as many of you know, sissy was crowned as our city's queen last year. her 'reign' was over this past month and a new queen is now crowned. being 'queen' was an interesting experience for all of us. sissy had problems with the director of the pageant. sissy wasn't your typical queen. she didn't wave "right", she didn't dress "right" and she didn't act "right" (according to the director). she 'kept it real' and by doing so, she was able to connect with others and make a positive impact on many. i hope that it taught her that it's not who you don't touch, it's who you do that matters.

in her farewell speech, she may have wore a mask to hide her emotions, but in her daily life there is no need for a mask. she's perfect just the way she is and by the look on her nana's face...i'd say she thinks so too.

i hope that we all have the courage to be ourselves and "keep it real".

not only for our sake, but for the sake of our children, as well.

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Xazmin said...

What a beautiful post. I loved it so much. The perfect inspirational thoughts for me to read, last thing before I go to bed.

Good night...well, actually morning, but I'm going to sleep!


Thimbleanna said...

Well, that was interesting! DO people really do that??? Who has time to set their table just for the fun of it? Real people eat at my table LOL! And congratulations to your daughter for a successful reign!

Talk-n-tidbits said...

I agree with you ttoally in so many ways, yes we all need to be real in our lives. I too, like you look forward to reading blogs and seeing what others are crafting or living in their life. I unfortunately have not connected with many on my blog so have not been motivated to write much or often, but hopefully I will eventually connect with a few. Your daughter is a wonderful role model for how to live and to be real and not what the cookie cutter people want you to be. Thanks for sharing! Judi

Rachel said...

Well written. I always enjoy reading your posts. I hope I can raise my children to keep it real!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh yes, keep it real.
My sister sets her table up just like a picture out of the decorating magazine. Then when we come for dinner, we eat at the bar/counter! I don't get it!
Great post!

kouklaville said...

WOW, what a great post, so real and I LOVE hearing how you see the world and things around you. I couldnt agree with you more when I say being real on blogs opens you up to people not really liking you or your thoughts. I took that on as my new blogging language because I want to remember ME and who I WAS not who I wanted people to see or just the good times or just smiles and partys. Its scary and hard and liberating and freeing all at the same time. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, the bloggers, the people out here who care about what you think about:)

Katherine said...

This was wonderful!
I love it when people "keep it real" too. Reading a blog is like catching up with a good friend. I like to see what they've been doing, what they're thinking, etc.
How is it that she looks amazing even in that mask?

Anonymous said...