Tuesday, March 10, 2009

random quiltiness

there's a couple things i've been meaning to share but keep forgetting about
and today while i was quilting this quilt, i remembered...
i have quilted many applique quilts and many times my customer
is reluctant to have me quilt over the applique,
fearing that somehow it would take away from the applique.

i'm here to tell you, do not fear my dear quilter, it will look fabulous!!!
there are just a couple things to keep in mind.
first, make sure that you use a neutral color
and second i always do a medium stipple and never a pattern.

i hope this eliminates some of your fear.

the second bit of randomness is more of a plea! as a teacher & a quilter this a doozy for me... please, please, please when doing your borders, ALWAYS measure through the center to get a correct measurement. you may not realize it, but by doing this you will eliminate this problem.

do you see the ripples?

(edited 3/11: i've had a couple questions about this and i've found a great link to help explain it better than i can...go here for a diagram and further details.)

ok...now that i've got that off my chest, i thought i'd share this easy project.

i purchased a 16 x 20 frame and cut 80 2 1/2" squares.
sew them together so you have 8 blocks x 10 blocks.
put batting behind it and hand quilt around each block.
once i was done and trimmed it up,
i used a spray glue to attach it to a piece of foam core board.
put it in the frame and you'll have a beautiful board.

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Jeanette said...

Thanks for the note about the applique. I was wondering if it was ok to quilt over it. Also, your cute board is so cute!

I'm wondering how long it took you to learn to do long arm quilting? Making quilt tops is no problem, it's the quilting that kills me. There's not enough time to hand quilt them all, and I can't imagine doing a larger quilt on my reg. machine. Anyway, just wondering about that.

jenjen said...

Hi Julie! That quilted board is too cute!

I love it!


DomesticDivasFancy said...

Oh I love that board...I did one before. it was only regular fabric on it and no frame...maybe I will put a frame around it, that would look awesome!

Marie said...

I love your quilted board. Very nice! Also the note on the applique. Very informative!

Deb said...

JUlie, the quilting on the applique looks great and totally finishes the effectof the quilt. O love your notice board, its so effective.

Kathie said...

love the idea of putting a little quilt inside the picture frame for a bulletin board
would look great in my dd room
am going to have t o try that.
thanks Kathie

Stina said...

Love your quilted board...
perfect... :o)

Kate/Massachusetts said...

What do you mean by "measure through the center"? I don't understand. Newbie here!

Thimbleanna said...

That board is adorable, but you hand quilted it??? And then you covered all that pretty hand quilting up!!! Anyway, I LOVE it!!!

Judy said...

Yes I agree, you either have to quilt over them, or quilt on them using some kind of pleasing outline or decoration. Otherwise they puff up and just look awful most of the time.

Now what do you do with borders like that. Pat and shift the extra or call the client and say re-do? I always have a fear that I'll send out my quilt and have someone call and say your border suck and I never realized! LOL!

LAQuilts said...

love the board...its on my list to do!!! thanks again!

Jordan and Kerrisa said...

ok so i shope that you do not mind but im totally stealing this idea for part of my wall decorations for the babys room. I have been collecting frames for her room and when i saw this i almost died because of how cute and most importantly easy this adorable little project was. thank you julie! her room will be full of your cute ideas. what would i do without you! :)

Angela said...

Your quilted board is so cute! I will have to start keeping an eye out for a vintage-looking frame like that! Just gorgeous!

Katherine said...

Thanks for all the tips. I will be going to the link. :) Thanks! Very thoughtful of you. I love the board. So pretty.

Mindi said...

Why are you so darn fabulous?

Tanya from Miller Racing Family said...

Love the first quilt in the post, it looks like a kid would really enjoy it. I also love the quilted board idea! I did try the enchilada cass. the other night and it was great, so thanks for the recipe. Have a blessed day!

Janae said...

Dear Julie, i feel a bit like i have been spying on you! I have been following your blog for the past few weeks, and i am enjoying it so much. I love to see all your great ideas, and I can't believe how much you get done and how talented you are. Well, today you were an answer to prayer. I have been preparing for a binding/border class I am supposed to teach for my guild tomorrow night (along with getting ready for Jon's Eagle court, Claire's dr apts, quilting for others....) Anyway, your link to a description of how to apply borders and measure for them is just what i needed. i found a sheet with directions for binding on www.HellomynameisHeather.com/ that I agreed with most of the directions, except I think she makes them way too wide, and I usually do a singelfold binding. Anyway, you are a doll. Your blog has really been a bright light for me this last month (and it's great to see that some people actually get something done).

I am dying to make that shamrock table runner, my home really needs it. (My husband thinks his birthday is on st patrick's day so it's a big deal around here) Maybe next year!

Thanks for sharing your life-- Love, Janae

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

So much cuteness! I'm sending my mom this link. I think she can pull off that cute little quilt bulletin board way better (I mean WAY better) than I ever could!!