Monday, March 16, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

is back!!!
kasey has tagged us with a fun little question & answer game.
here goes...
What is your blogger name?Julie
When is your birthday?Nov. 27th (sometimes i'm a turkey!)
How long have you been blogging?May 10th, 2008 (i'll have to plan another giveaway...)
Who tagged you?Kasey from all that is good
Tell me your five most favorite body parts. Ugh! ok...i have to be honest, sorry. i don't think i have a favorite body part right now. maybe my ears and my feet. i haven't been very good at losing my baby fat.
What do you wish most for your birthday? to sleep in as long as i want, a clean house and dinner with my husband...
What color are you nails right now? shoot, am i supposed to have my nails painted...
Have you had any depressing thoughts lately? it's too depressing to talk about.
What’s your plan for the next month? work on losing this baby fat and wean the happiest baby.
At what age did you have your first crush? i think i was probably 8 when i had my first crush on ronnie. (are you laughing mom & suz?)
Have you attended any school reunions? no and i don't plan on it.
Have you ever passed gas in public and pretended like you didn’t smell anything? Yes!
Are you a clean freak? No, i gave up a long time's not worth the constant nagging!
What era do you wish you were born in? This one is pretty good.
Are you a vegetarian? no, but i don't eat steak on the bone. ewww! and i'll only buy and cook chicken if it's boneless and skinless.
How many pillows do you sleep with at night? one
Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? Light
Do you secretly wear granny panties when your man is not around? lol, no
What is your ultimate dream job? i'd love to own a party shop with my sister.
What does your husband do that annoys you the most? he tries to play the radio game with me!!! ahhh! i don't know, nor do i care who sings the stupid song...leave me alone! (thanks for letting me vent...)
What is your dream car? land rover discovery...i had one once, but it went to car heaven and bob won't even consider the idea of getting another one. uhhh...
Do you wake up easily in the morning?heck no, it's a problem.
Do you like hairy men? YUCK! i mean no thanks.
How about a man with a goatee? yep, my handsome hubby has one. he keeps it nicely trimmed.
Which would you prefer: a two-hour spa massage, a two-hour Thai massage, or a two-hour foot massage? What's a thai massage? I'll take the foot massage.
Have you ever wished you had a different name? If so, what name? yes raquel as a kid.
What is the most extreme sport you have ever done? riding/driving off road vehicles.
Do you prefer traveling in Europe or Asia? I don't know, I've never done either.
What is your favorite food? Italian or Mexican
What is your most embarrassing moment while out on a date? oh my, there are so many but the one that comes to mind is when bob and i were teens and we went for a ride on my 3-wheeler (atc) we drove into a newer part of town (at the time we could do that, sigh...)and came to an intersection. a pretty lady in a land cruiser graciously allowed me to go first and i popped a wheelie and bob landed on his back. i'm not sure who was more embarrassed. me or him...
have a great day!


Craig said...

I had a feeling that was you that passed that gas the other day! Just kidding, thanks for sharing. That was a fun read. The radio game is a blast!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Hey, we almost have the same blogiversary! :) The idea of owning a party shop sounds like lots of fun! Cracks me up that you threw your man off the 4-wheeler. Oops!

Happy Monday, Julie!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Very funny and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Leah said...

Enjoyed reading your list --- funny! :)

Xazmin said...

I loved reading your answers! I have baby fat times 4 to lose - so don't feel bad! Hope you have an awesome Monday!

Also - about the nails, so far I haven't read anyone who actually has a color on them!!

aunt suz said...

you are too funny. I totaly di dlaugh on your crush answer. Great questions.

Rhonda said...

Hey Julie,
Showing off "back"fired I see...funny now! My dream job was similiar.

Happy FMM!

jenjen said...

Funny! I liked your story about the 3 wheeler! And a party shop sounds like a blast!


Amy said...

Oh my goodness Julie, you made me laugh so hard!

heidi said...

I love the radio game!! I'll come play in your place. :-)

Tanielle said...

Oh my heck your embarassing moment was great! Was he o.k? I did laugh so hope he was fine.

Fun answers!

Have a great Monday!

momma said...

it was nice to meet you today.

Rhonda said...

Julie...You've been tagged come on over and pick up your award! :D

honeysuckle said...

Your embarrasing moment was funny! I like Mexican food too. Happy Monday to you!

Kasey said...

My husband tries to make me play that stupid game too! I mean who cares who sings it you know?!

Love your answers! Glad you joined in! Have a great night!

Do people actually paint their nails anymore...from reading I'm thinking no!