Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bunny Hill Block #3

is almost finished! a few lazy daisy stitches here and there and i'm done...

class was this last saturday.
i think my favorite part is making goodies and being with everyone.

as i mentioned in this post, a friend of my sister's designed these cute easter treats.
and i had a good time making them for the gals at the quilt shop.

and i made some brownies to munch on during class, although, they didn't turn out so good.
i'm pretty sure i used the same mix that i always do...hmmm...not sure now that i think about it...
i'm struggling to stay on my atkins diet so i was good and didn't have one before i took them down to the shop. bad idea!!!
when i finally couldn't take it any longer (brownies are one of my favorite things) i took a little bite and yuck!

good for me...bad for the nice gals!
oh well, it looked cute :)

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Marie said...

Oh Julie, I do love your bunny square! It's beautiful. I wish so much that I had the time to quilt. I thought that when my kids were all grown that I would have endless hours to do things like this. WRONG! I am busier than ever, probably because I now have to work fulltime, but nevermind, I can still dream! Thanks for sharing all your goodies with us today! Just lovely!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Holy Cow Julie it is all so cute. And very sweet. I love Easter.

Sherri said...

Your bunny block is adorable...I love the ric rac basket handle!

SweetTorts said...

These little jelly bean bottles are sooooooooooo cute. They just brought a smile to my face after was has been a tough day. :)
Isn't it cool how the tiniest things can make us happy?