Friday, February 27, 2015

She is FIVE!!!

Holy smokes, the time is flying by!!!

This sweet sugar, just turned FIVE!

At five Bub is still her all time favorite!
She LOVES Minnie Mouse, Max & Ruby, Sophia the First, and Doc Mc Stuffins.

She dances like a teenager (that's all I'm saying about that) she loves to sing and play just dance.

Her daddy bought her a pink BB Gun. She can hold her own with any boy that tries her patience or pulls her braid.

She loves to get dressed up. But ONLY when she wants to! She isn't bossy but she sure doesn't let others boss her around. 

She's independent like all my kids. Maybe a tad more than the rest. She is THE BEST hugger and still loves to snuggle.

Her favorite color is pink. She loves all things sugar. Thus the nickname, Sugar. Which, by the way, she loves it when I call her that.

She's excited to start kindergarten but is sad she's leaving her preschool friends. 

By far, she is the most social. 

We adore her! I can't wait to see what the future holds for her ❤️

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A {Joyfu}l Heart

We had our RS Woman's Conference today.
What a WONDERFUL group of speakers. i got so much out of it.

as i mentioned before, i was asked to decorate.
i love decorating, but let me tell you.
when it's for someone else, it's a whole 'nother ball game
and i was stressed out.

how do you decorate a cultural hall???

well let me tell you how i did.

i obviously had a budget to stick with,
so i went with burlap and lace runners.
i have a friend that has a meal planning business and gave me all the
large soup cans i needed for the centerpieces.
white flowers and eucalyptus made it simple.

i had nothing to do with the food. 
thank goodness, because i could never have
come up with this.
it was a vietnamese meal and it was deelicious!

chalkboards, bunting, burlap and more bunting
made a big statement without a big price.

i put all these together in a day.
get old books from a thrift store. 
i just used twine from the jewelry dept at joanne's 
and ran a zig zag stitch over it to hold it in place,

burlap is great.
if you cut strips, you can gather it by simply and gently
pulling a thread from the center.
i start a thread from each side, i have better luck that way.

shawn made this 4ft square chalkboard for me.
its masonite trimmed in moulding of your choice.
paint with chalk paint and you are good.

TIP! i haven't had any luck with chalk pens and chalkboard paint.
be prepared to repaint if you use it.

a joyful heart
makes the face cheerful!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cupcake Liners!!!

I was asked to decorate for a woman's conference at church. So I decide to make lots of garlands to fill space. 

Cupcake liners and ribbon from Walmart turned out to be my best friends!

They are really so easy. 
Don't be afraid to mix colors and textures. 
The more the merrier

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Tonight is the father daughter dance at Masyns school. Reluctantly Shawn took her. Poor guy, he really HATES this kind of thing. But he REALLY loves his girls, so to the dance they go. It's a country western theme. 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Jethro and the tale of the not-so-big dog bed...

So about a week ago, I came home to yet another dog bed disaster...

The fifth dog bed, destroyed by our resident Great Dane. He has a love-hate relationship with dog beds. Haven't quite figured him out yet.

To say the least, I was mad. I refuse to buy another XXL bed. So he has been banned to a bed of blankets.

Except! He seems to think that Wilsons bed will suit him just fine. For the past week he goes to bed before the other dogs with the intent to get to Wilsons bed before Wilson does. He succeeds for the most part until we have to force him out of it. 

I'm not sure why he thinks he will fit.

Or even why he finds this, at all, comfortable. But he does. 

It's amusing.

Happy Sunday!!!