Friday, February 27, 2015

She is FIVE!!!

Holy smokes, the time is flying by!!!

This sweet sugar, just turned FIVE!

At five Bub is still her all time favorite!
She LOVES Minnie Mouse, Max & Ruby, Sophia the First, and Doc Mc Stuffins.

She dances like a teenager (that's all I'm saying about that) she loves to sing and play just dance.

Her daddy bought her a pink BB Gun. She can hold her own with any boy that tries her patience or pulls her braid.

She loves to get dressed up. But ONLY when she wants to! She isn't bossy but she sure doesn't let others boss her around. 

She's independent like all my kids. Maybe a tad more than the rest. She is THE BEST hugger and still loves to snuggle.

Her favorite color is pink. She loves all things sugar. Thus the nickname, Sugar. Which, by the way, she loves it when I call her that.

She's excited to start kindergarten but is sad she's leaving her preschool friends. 

By far, she is the most social. 

We adore her! I can't wait to see what the future holds for her ❤️

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