Sunday, February 22, 2015

A {Joyfu}l Heart

We had our RS Woman's Conference today.
What a WONDERFUL group of speakers. i got so much out of it.

as i mentioned before, i was asked to decorate.
i love decorating, but let me tell you.
when it's for someone else, it's a whole 'nother ball game
and i was stressed out.

how do you decorate a cultural hall???

well let me tell you how i did.

i obviously had a budget to stick with,
so i went with burlap and lace runners.
i have a friend that has a meal planning business and gave me all the
large soup cans i needed for the centerpieces.
white flowers and eucalyptus made it simple.

i had nothing to do with the food. 
thank goodness, because i could never have
come up with this.
it was a vietnamese meal and it was deelicious!

chalkboards, bunting, burlap and more bunting
made a big statement without a big price.

i put all these together in a day.
get old books from a thrift store. 
i just used twine from the jewelry dept at joanne's 
and ran a zig zag stitch over it to hold it in place,

burlap is great.
if you cut strips, you can gather it by simply and gently
pulling a thread from the center.
i start a thread from each side, i have better luck that way.

shawn made this 4ft square chalkboard for me.
its masonite trimmed in moulding of your choice.
paint with chalk paint and you are good.

TIP! i haven't had any luck with chalk pens and chalkboard paint.
be prepared to repaint if you use it.

a joyful heart
makes the face cheerful!

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