Monday, April 14, 2014


this is how i have felt the past few months. 
running at full speed trying to hold on to all that is truly important.

unfortunately, the blog had to be let go.

for those of you interested, here is a quick recap of life since february.

jethro had his tail amputated. it's about four inches long and he is doing wonderful.
chelsie moved home the end of march. she is having surgery on thursday to remove her endometriosis and her left ovary. in may she has more treatment then she will stay home during all her recovery. 
it's the first time that we've had all five kids living under the same roof. we are enjoying this time together.

chelsie rescued a sweet pitbull named molly. 
(that's a long post all in itself)
so we currently have FOUR dogs here.
Good thing the yard is large! yikes!

evyn turned four and had a fairy party in the park. i will post pictures.

jethro became a father to 13 beautiful great dane puppies.
NO we are NOT keeping one.

in march, i started homeschooling masyn.
(that's a post all on its own, too.)

in between all this, shawn and i are working diligently 
preparing the yard for gavin and mikaela's wedding. 

quilting and quilt classes are always ongoing
i have pictures to post of that too.

i hope to get things posted in order of it's happenings so keep yours eyes open.
you just never know.

life is good. God is great and i'm tired. :)

hope you all are wonderful,
thanks for checking in!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Ruff Recovery...

Jethro had his "happy tail" amputated.
the vet said that no matter where the tail gets injured,
they have to cut it off in this spot.
poor guy! he was MISERABLE!

he spent the week laying around on pain killers

rose made sure he got plenty of love

poor baby! 

14 days later he was back to his normal self.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

it's NOT a HAPPY tail!

and why in the world they call it a HAPPY tail is BEYOND me!!!

jethro has been naughty!!!

very naughty...

last month he clipped the tip of his tail. 
we bandaged it. he chewed it.
more bloodshed!
more bandages, more chewing, more BLOOD...

and soon, 
his stupid tail was completely bandaged with the hopes of healing.

meet a doped up dog!
yep. he ended up at the doctors today.
and tomorrow he goes in for surgery.

i'm so sad to say that the tail has to be docked.
not an easy task for an older dog. but it's now necessary.

poor guy. 

i'll keep you posted...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Monday's Best

this is january's monday's best quilt

it was inspired by a small quilt by linda brannock
that i saw on pinterest.

i had nolan write feb.14 and i embroidered it.
i love how it came out.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

BIG news!!!

guess what.
these two got engaged!!!

the wedding is this october.

i keep getting asked if i'm ok with it.
"they are so young" many say

i would like to share something with you all.

when i was 17 i got pregnant.
obviously i was young. i knew it just as well as everyone else did.
i made the decision to keep the baby and what i wanted most of all was for people to be happy for me. 
i knew i was young and i knew everyone's concerns, but it didn't change the fact that i was having a child.

so with that said,
i know that they are young. but i want them to love the experience of planning a wedding,
getting married and starting a new and important chapter of their lives.
and so i will love and support them. i am truly happy for them and i know that they will have a wonderful life
with all its ups & downs and i will always be here to support them both.

and with that,
i look forward to the next few months and all that i will get to share with you.


The Festival of Lights

 i know christmas is long over but i just have to share.
we LOVE love LOvE christmas lights
and go far and wide to find the best.

our personal favorite is the harveston homes in temecula
love them!
then our faves go...
candy cane lane, christmas card lane and last would be the lights at the del mar race track

this year we traveled up to riverside to the mission.
they have a festival of lights that runs thru january 5th.
we loved it. SO pretty!!!

if you are in the area, next year go on over!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Catching Up 2013

well it's been FOREVER!!!
so much has been going on, blogging has been put to the side
but with a new year and MUCH to be grateful for and blog about,
i'm going to give it a go. again.

so hi!
let me catch you up on the highlights since my last post.

a ding dong crashed thru my mother in laws front yard, drove all the way thru her yard
and ended up in our side yard. YIKES!
SO HAPPY we weren't home! we missed it by 5 min.
everyone was ok and we got a new fence

we celebrated halloween for the FIRST time without Shawn.
weird but you gotta do what you gotta do.
we have great friends and the kids had a great time

held a few quilt classes

and more quilt classes which means more show & tell!
so much talent!

celebrated a couple awards

went to oak tree village with a great friend and the kids
i Love my kids and Judith!!!

shawn brought home a puppy.
he's a jack a poo.
was higley now he's dexter
(no. i never saw the hbo show,
and my dexter is a sweet heart who wouldn't hurt a fly)
i have never had a small dog. never really thought i would like one.
but i have to admit, he's adorable and i am loving the little dog
(as well as, the big and bigger dogs)

evyn celebrated christmas at her preschool
she was an angel in her play

and nolan celebrated at his school
they were all reindeer

we celebrated the holidays with many parties,
lots of fun, lots of friends and made great memories

and, of course, Christmas!
it's always so busy and we wouldnt want it any other way!
what a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of our Savior
than with family and friends and lots of good food!

the end of 2013 was packed full of everything that makes life wonderful.
looking forward to all that 2o14 has in store.

much love and thanks for keeping up with us!
you won't want to miss 2014!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

a NEW sewing DESK!!!

oh my gosh!
whoo HOO!

i've never had a sewing desk.
tables and what nots have always been fine for me

but not anymore baby!

this sewing desk from The Original Scrap Box

(the curtains are so much better too!)

each side has 4 large and 4 small bins
yep. can we say projects organized!

i have a long arm business,
so one side holds my threads and patterns and what nots
and the other side holds my current projects
both large and small.

and one of my favorite parts...
each door opens to hold lots of vinyl bags that have velcro on the back
you can put all the stuff that is taking up room in drawers and baskets
and put them in one place.

the right side holds pens, scissors, feet (the sewing machine kind) and bias tape makers
to name a bit.

the other side has been neglected.
i have sew much room i'm trying to fill it.
and i still have more pockets that aren't filled.

k. my all time favorite part.
the acrylic windows.
there are a total of four. two in the center and two that are over the drawers.

they hold all my things and the pretty shows!
pretty and PRACTICAL!

the rest of the sewing room is coming along nicely.
slowly i'm getting it together.
lots of quilting happening around here!

but i wanted you to see the sewing desk that really would be AWESOME for anything.

thank you CHelsie! thank you Scrap Box!!!

i LOVE my desk and i LOVE being organized!!!

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