Monday, January 18, 2016

Folk art Christmas Sew-Along

Many of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook will have seen this quilt of my step moms. We took this class from Cheri this last year. My quilt is no where near completion and quilting this made me really want to get mine done.  This is Janice's version. She is Jewish and my dad is Christian, so Cheri designed a menorah and bird of peace so that will quilt represents them both. I love that! 

I decided to start a see-along to encourage myself and others who would like to have it up for next Christmas. 

Here is my post about it. It details how we will do it and what hashtag to use. If you don't already follow me on Instagram, please do. 

I look forward to seeing everyone's posts. ✂️ 
Happy quilting!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Fall has Arrived

Here in California, Fall has been battling it out with Summer. And I'm so happy to announce that Fall has finally won!!!

And what better way to welcome Its arrival, 
than with a chicken pot pie.

And a mini fall quilt! 

I've got the borders on it and hope to quilt it tomorrow!  The recipe for the pot pie is on my blog. 
click here to take you to the post.
The quilt is a tutorial available at temecula quilt co's blog

Happy fall y'all!!!

Friday, October 09, 2015

Frosty's Tree Farm

The making of a new quilt...
Here in Southern California we are experiencing
a lovely HEAT wave! Ugh!!!

Designing a Christmas Quilt makes me long for winter! 

The only way to build a snowman in this heat is with wool. In Frosty's world it's snowing and wonderful!

Happy Quilting!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Half Square Triangles

In the 15, or so, years I have been quilting, I have tried every method there is to make half square triangles or HST to those in the quilting world...

I thought I would share with you my method. 

Rather than cutting (for instance) 2 7/8" squares, I cut 3" squares. I always round up to the nearest 1/2" or 1". Then I cut them in half on the diagonal and sew the pieces back together. 

Cutting them in half is something I never wanted to do because I use so many wovens and the bias thing just irritated me. After taking classes from Cheri, I gave in. I will say it's so much faster and because I've cut my original squares a tad bigger, I can square them up perfectly...

Happy Quilting!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Trip Around The World. twice!

I made a trip around the world. But then I thought...hmmm. With a little cutting I had two!

This one just needs a border.

Have you made a trip around the world?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sarah's Wedding...

I was fortunate enough to decorate 
for a the wedding of these two fabulous people!

Shawn and I went to school with Sarah's parents and my kids went to school with her. I was thrilled when her mom asked me to decorate for the wedding. It was a PLEASURE for sure! 
The only bummer was that Nolan really thought 
Sarah would one day be HIS bride!!!

You can see why. 
She's everything Nolan would want in a wife! 
But alas, she is Isaac's. And he is a lucky guy!!!

Congratulations to you two! 
May God always bless your marriage!

P.S. Photography by Ben Christensen

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

My First "Real" Pattern!

I'm so excited! 
I designed my first pattern! 
I just had to share. 
Hopefully it will be the first of many!

if you are interested in purchasing a pattern, 
click here for the link to fat quarters quilt shop.