Monday, January 12, 2009


christmas has officially ended here at the isa's. the decorations all got boxed up and the christmas tree (the "fake" one that i LOVE) waits 'til next year to be once again adorned.

i always hate taking the christmas decorations down, my house feels cold and empty. i have to admit, this year it was a bit harder to take down. we've been in our home for 13 years now and we've filled it with children and many memories. in fact, it's so full, it's about to explode which is why this will probably be our last christmas in our charming little home. so, with mixed emotions, i packed the christmas boxes. and as i wondered where my decorations will go in a new home, i felt both happy and sad. i really love my little home and the charm of an older house. for those of you who saw my house here, just know that it looks NOTHING like that now. i really need to quit blogging and get something made to fill the emptiness that christmas quilts have left behind. lucky for me valentines day is right around the corner. which reminds me...go here for a great website on seasonal decorations like the garland in the picture. loved it.

have a FABULOUS day!

love me

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SoBella Creations said...

What a great Valentines Day Tree.