Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Love Happy Hour!!!

relax...i'm talking about the quilt book.
ummm, how cute are these quilts.
stinkin' cute.
i was visting thimbleannaland and saw her most recent posts about her beautiful christmas presents and i had to share them with all of you.
they are beautiful.
if you haven't visited her, you must! especially those of you that are knitters. the thing about this pattern (called snapshots) is that everytime you make it, it looks different. i've made several this past year and each one is completely different. i scalloped the border on my christmas one and loved it. if you don't have the book, get it, the projects are quick and easy.
happy quilting!!!
p.s. thimbleanna, your photography is fabulous! love it!


Thimbleanna said...

Haha! That shows you how observant I am -- I just ripped open the book and made the quilt -- I thought it was called Happy Hour. Oops! Thanks for the shout out!!!

Katherine said...

Those are so amazing! I think I'll make more snapshots quilts. Good think it's the one quilt I know how to make.:)