Friday, January 30, 2009


recently, as more people in my life have stumbled onto my blog, i have been asked how i find time to blog. sometimes that question is posed as a compliment, other times...not so much. today i decided to tackle the question and hopefully ease your minds (you know who you are).

almost a year ago, when i started this blog, my baby boy was a newborn and i decided that i could blog while i nursed. i got really good at typing with one hand. (which, by the way, is why i always type in lowercase). i wanted to start blogging for two reasons. the first was to document our lives. i used to scrapbook, then along came quilting...and well, i can't afford two expensive hobbies. also, with many failed attempts at journaling, this has become the resource in which i can share some of my thoughts and feelings and where, hopefully, future generations can get to know me. (i plan on making books from many of my entries for each of my children...another one of my many ideas.)

the second reason, was to inspire myself and others. i have so many ideas in my head just rambling about keeping me up all night (my sister has the same problem, right suz). for me it's a creative outlet that i can share with others and hopefully through our creativity we can touch someone's life. i believe that we are given talents and it's important to share them with others. i am always amazed and touched by the unbelievable talent out there and how freely it is shared.

so now that you know why i blog, let me share with you when i find the time.

i still blog while i nurse. sometimes it takes me all day to finish one post. (like this one). most of the time, though, i blog after everyone is in bed.

picture this in your mind.
bob the builder and i sitting up in bed...the news on...both of us with our laptops on our laps...he's working on church stuff or finding out how to rebuild something or simply searching the internet for the answers to the many questions that go through his head and I'm sitting next to him finding wonderful things to share with all of you or simply writing my thoughts or the events of the day. can you picture it? i wish i had a picture. (there is a picture of our bed on the tour, if that helps you visualize.)

so, for those of you who think that blogging keeps me from getting my house clean, the laundry done and the quilts finished, your wrong....facebook keeps me from those things. (just kiddin', that's a whole different post...)

Hope your day was a happy one!

I'm so glad you've stopped by.


kouklaville said...

I love knowing why you blog, and why you post your creative ideas..and MOST importantly HOW you do this and get it all done cuz I KNOW you are one of the busy-iest, get it all done, have time for my kids and hubby Mommy-wives I know:) An inspiration to us all and Makes me feel better that I am always blogging at night and finishing a blog after 3 log ons:)

Deb said...

Its acheiveing what you truly enjoy and believe which makes things so much easier. One reaps what they sow.
I can think of nothing nicer than quilting, stitching and blogging on top of everyday life and family as these are the things which keep me on an even keel and allow the light to keep shining at the end of the tunnel.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I like visiting your blog it's always uplifting to read:) I think as women we have to take time out for what we like to do, I guess you could say "It keeps us sane":)
Have a great Saturday.

Thimbleanna said...

Great post Julie -- I feel the same way -- failed journaling attempts, so the blog fits the bill! And to those who think I don't get house cleaned, laundry done, etc....they're right! And I don't care LOL!!!